Sunday Coffee – No Real Autumn

They say that San Antonio had the wettest September on record this year. August and September are often times of sudden rains/floods here, after months of drought through the summer. But this September, we broke the record for most rain in September by mid-month. By the end, we had nearly 20 inches of rain through the month. It may not be much compared to some areas, but here, it’s massive. Flooding, road damage, construction delays, and tons of humidity.

It’s this last one that has basically nullified San Antonio’s chance for a real autumn. Sure, it might be 15 degrees cooler than the summer right now, but the heat index is still way up there, and it’s soupy outside. Chest-constricting soupy. There was one day after we got home from vacation that I went out for a walk because the morning temp had finally dropped to 72. The humidity wasn’t as bad that morning, and I relished it. The next day, the temp was just as low, but I walked outside excited only to find that it felt like 85 and sweltering out. Not okay!

Unfortunately, this is a trend that plans to continue. Autumn is never long in San Antonio. We get a bit of small relief in September (temps in the high 80s instead of the high 90s, with mornings dropping to the low 70s), and then sometime in October we have a few weeks of gloriously cool days. Then suddenly we drop into the 40s, and we start the winter rollercoaster of 40-50 degree swings. Not uncommon to wake up to temps in the 30s and then to have them hit 80s by afternoon. You learn to dress in layers in San Antonio. But those few weeks of autumn days, days when we can keep the windows open overnight and actually turn off the a/c (a thing which is still unthinkable at the moment) – I live for those. I live for the cool morning walks and bright crisp days. And this year, it looks like we’re not going to get any of them.

(Fall 2012 on a muggy morning in early November)

This humidity is stripping away our days of autumn. Every day our temps look beautiful and feel awful. Right now it looks like we might have at least a few days of fall (in two weeks), but I’m not very hopeful. We had that hope for this weekend too, and the cool, dry front never made it this far south. Boo. I want a chance to wear those three-quarter-sleeved shirts and light sweaters, and I may not get it this year.

Of course, there’s no controlling the weather, but I’m just sending out this light wish into the universe: Please at least let us have a few weeks of autumn. Please? I suppose in the meantime, I’ll keep playing with Halloween decorations and RIP books and pretending we might see a few leaves change color at some point before the traditional windstorms of November rip them all away.

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9 Responses to Sunday Coffee – No Real Autumn

  1. Trisha says:

    As someone who lives in northern Illinois, I feel your pain about the weather. Here we have forecasts that move from 64 to 88 to 90 to 69 in a four day stretch. I hope we both get at least a week of perfect fall weather.


  2. We haven’t really hit fall here yet either. Not as hot here, but just humid. Ugh.


  3. Michelle says:

    No autumn here yet either. We have had some cooler weather but it always bounces back into the 80s – like today and tomorrow. No real color change.. Just rain. SO. MUCH. RAIN. The flooding around here is astounding because we are not getting enough breaks in the weather to dry everything. The grounds are so saturated, the rainwater has nowhere to go. Our basement has water in spots, and we are at the highest elevation on the block. It is awful. I am beginning to think the abnormal weather is the new normal.


    • Amanda says:

      Yikes. Our flooding here is a bit different – we have so many months with no rain that the ground hardens too much and doesn’t let any water soak in, so it all pools and floods. It wasn’t as bad as some years in terms of flooding (1998 and 2003 I believe were our biggest on record) but it’s certainly made things difficult. It’s starting to look like we might have a few pleasant days toward the end of the week before the rain begins again.


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