July in Review

July was a month of crazy-busy. Summer school, study abroad, four birthdays, extreme heat (over 105 many days), and the beginning of band camp. The insurance didn’t approve our house claim until late in the month, so construction didn’t start until the last week of July (and is still ongoing). Then the a/c broke on the hottest day of the summer (109). Yay! I began a whole bunch of medication changes and treatments, and have more still to come. Summers are always crazy here, but it’s INSANE this year. We have about four weeks until school starts again, and I’m really looking forward to it!

(one of four birthdays)

July was also a very sad month. My uncle moved from the hospital to hospice care, refusing to continue further cancer or blood treatments, and passed away a week later. The grief kicked me in the gut. The second member of my extended tribe to leave us in the last six months. The rest of the month passed somewhat in a daze.

Very little happened in goals this month. You could also say I went backwards a little, because instead of using the last of the yarn I already had (which would have completed that goal), I got new yarn and started a new project. Oops. My health also slid way off track:

My health suffered quite a bit this month. My doctor is slowly taking me off my antidepressant and putting me on a mood stabilizer. He also put me on a short steroid treatment for my eczema which I quit after two days because it gave me severe heartburn and made everything taste like copper. Yikes. One medication was finally approved (been waiting since January), and ironically it caused a lot of weight gain so I had to get off it anyway. Then the health insurance rejected my doctor’s request for a second, in-lab sleep study, and instead suggested I get an APAP machine. No further word on that so far (sleep center is trying to get an RX for one). Additionally, I’m in the process of getting in to a dermatologist for a punch biopsy in one part of my skin (for what might be eczema or something autoimmune) and in to an allergist for eczema issues.

(after C25K Week 5 Day 3)

Food-wise, with everything going on, I ate out way too much, drank too much alcohol, ate too much junk food, yada yada. I tried to exercise when I could, mostly indoors, but as I’ve said before, I’m kinda on hold somewhat until the construction is done and the boys are back to a regular schedule again. I managed 15 days of exercise this month, totaling about 13 hours, and including 9 yoga sessions and 25 miles walked/run. Somehow, with all this going on, I actually started sleeping this month for the first time in about four years! No sleeping pills beyond melatonin this month. It was crazy and awesome. So that’s good news, especially given lack of sleep study approval for further testing. At the end of the month, my weight was up about half a pound and most of my measurements are up about an inch too. Sigh.

My reading mojo was nowhere to be found for most of July. I signed up for the reverse readathon, but that was the week my uncle passed and so I didn’t end up doing it. Of course, I’d ordered a pile of books for the thing, and I needed something to occupy my brain a lot while I processed grief, so I ended up reading and culling a bunch of books in the last week of the month. In total, I finished five books in July. Likely I’ll barely remember most of them as time passes, simply because my brain wasn’t really in the right place. Oh well. Favorite: The Prince and the Dressmaker.

In Construction
Since our claim didn’t get approved until the end of the month, we didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d prefer this month. Things completed: replacing the dining/living room floor; rewiring for better lighting in the kitchen; the beginnings of new drywall and the kitchen ceiling. (In other words, not much. Between scheduling conflicts, funeral, and our contractor getting very sick for a week, this is dragging out…)

Highlights of July
There were some good moments in July of course, and as usual, I’d like to list them out so I can remember them when I look back.

  • Morrigan’s trip to Japan, which was a wonderful opportunity that he really loved
  • Morrigan also got his AP scores back, getting a 5 in three of his tests and a 4 in the 4th!
  • birthdays for Ambrose, my mom, my stepdad, and my half-sister
  • my siblings all came down for my half-sister’s birthday, which was a weekend of lots of hanging out and fun (if too much eating out and junk and alcohol, heh)
  • meeting my grandma’s new rescue kitten
  • not needing sleeping pills this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I managed to do the last day of Week 5 of C25K (where you suddenly jump from 8 mins to 20 mins nonstop jogging). It was indoors on level ground and very, very slow, but I did it.

Coming up in August
Band camp. The holy terror that is marching band has arrived. The boys’ high school is INSANE about band, and it just began Monday. The other boys finish summer school tomorrow, so they’ll be free until the end of August when school begins. Which, I’ll add, is the thing I’m looking forward to most this month – school starting again, and hopefully the construction finishing. Our contractor believes he’ll be done by the 9th, but my guess is the 25th at the earliest. Sigh.

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11 Responses to July in Review

  1. Michelle says:

    Hahahahahaha! I am not laughing at you, my dear. I am seriously laughing about band camp. Girl, you cannot know my happiness when Holly relinquished her instrument and I knew we were done with that hell. Of course, two years out of high school and Connor is still going back specifically for band camp. To him, they were the highlight of high school. He LOVES marching band – as seen by the fact that he is still doing it in college. I hated it. The only thing I enjoyed was the competitions themselves. Those are pretty cool. But getting to that point was always horrible. Good luck!!


    • Amanda says:

      Band camp really is insane. Our next four weeks involves literally 40 hours of practice per week. Thursday is the craziest day each week: 8-12, then 1:30 -4, then 6-8:30. Then once school actually starts, ti’s after school three hours twice a week, before school 1.5 hours three times a week, plus about 4-5 hours for the football games, and then there are competitions…and those ones last ALL DAY. Morrigan also feels like this is the highlight of his life. He’s missed it the last two years. I didn’t miss it, heh.

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      • Michelle says:

        That is crazy. Connor never had that type of schedule, for which I am thankful. They practiced during the school day in lieu of a regular concert band. Plus had three 1.5 hour practices each week as well as two hours before football games. One week of band camp with five days of 6 hours of practice, one week off, and then the three 1.5 hour practices each week. It is nothing compared to Connor’s college marching band schedule though.

        I know all about those all-day competitions though. It was wonderful when he drove himself to and from the school. When he couldn’t, we would argue about who got to pick him up at midnight only to have to turn around and drop him off at 6 AM the next morning.


      • Amanda says:

        I wish they didn’t take band so seriously here. It really is all about winning, and flashy costumes/props/etc. It’s not really about the music. And that seems all wrong to me.


  2. Adam @ Roof Beam Reader says:


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  3. Karen K. says:

    July was a crap month for me also, but nowhere near as bad as yours. I’m glad your household repairs are progressing! And band sounds nightmarish — I hope they don’t have to practice outside in the heat!


  4. Trisha says:

    I have heard the horrors of band and softball and soccer from multiple friends. I think I will make my children stick with art and a bit of math team. 🙂


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