Wellness Wednesday – Why I Adore LuLaRoe

I posted about my first LuLaRoe order a few weeks ago. In that post, I talked about going overboard on buying their clothes, from multiple retailers. Then on the 3rd, I went to my first in-person LLR party, which allowed me to try styles and fabrics that I hadn’t yet experienced, and of course I bought more than I was planning then, too. So far, while I like some pieces more than others, I’ve pretty much loved every single thing I’ve bought. Why post this as a Wellness Wednesday topic? Well, because my reasons for loving this clothing brand have a lot to do with body image and empowerment.

Size Envy
One of the things that pops up all the time in various online LLR groups is size envy. You see a dress or shirt or jacket you love, but it’s not your size. Various retailers aren’t going to have every design in every size – usually they only have one. If it’s not your size, oh well. But here’s the thing: Maybe you fit into a size L and the piece that’s causing size envy is an XXS. Or maybe it’s a 3XL. Because regardless if the piece is too small or too big for you, it’s still size envy. You’re envious that someone will be able to wear this piece. In a culture where size envy is usually only directed toward smaller sizes, always wanting to be smaller than you are, having a subculture of people who also envy larger sizes is just AMAZING. Silly, I know, but this is psychological gold.

Body Type
You learn very quickly that body type matters more than the size of a piece of clothing in LLR. Example: I wear a size M to L in a Carly dress, and the M is loose enough that I could probably go smaller if I wanted it to be tighter fitting. However, because I’m busty and have a long waist, I have to size up to a 2XL or higher in the Classic T. This depends very much on body type, not size. At that party I attended, my friend Stephanie and I both tried on the same XL Classic T. We’re both similarly-sized, but we carry our weight very differently. The shirt we both tried on did not even come close to fitting me because of my bust, but was extremely flattering and just perfect on her, because she carries more in her hip area. So unlike with most clothing brands, you stop shopping for size and start shopping for what flatters your body. The number stops mattering so much. More psychological gold.

Diversity of Style
Probably 85% of LLR prints and colors are ones I would never wear. I don’t love Americana or Disney or floral or tribal-looking or animal prints. I won’t wear hot pink or bright spring colors or pretty much any shade of yellow. Instead, I gravitate toward paisley, stripes, raglan, swirls, heathered fabrics, and autumn-toned colors (anything from teal to brown to orange). Similarly, I’m not a fan of certain clothing lines like the Cassie (pencil skirt), but I love ones like the Carly (flowing dress). Stretchy fabrics are better than cottony for me, and I love textured fabrics as well. There are so many different styles, designs, and fabrics to choose from that there’s something for just about everyone.

Honestly, I expected the clothes to be a little uncomfortable before I received my first order. I’ve always gravitated toward jeans/jean shorts and t-shirts or tunics, and I’ve often found that higher-priced pieces from name brands tend to be less comfortable for me. Not so with LLR. The fabrics are soft and comfortable, none of the seams and tighter areas (like under your arms or at your waist) pull or pinch. And the leggings! I’ve never liked leggings before, but these don’t roll, pinch, fold over, shift, or drop. They aren’t hot even in south TX heat, and I basically forget I’m wearing them while they’re on. It’s awesome.

Honestly, I haven’t yet owned my pieces long enough to 100% comment on quality. However, I’ve been wearing at least part of my outfits from LLR almost every day for the last few weeks, and so far all has been great. I compare this to my last interest in a clothing company, Modcloth, which I ordered from three times in 2016-2017. Nearly every piece I ordered was uncomfortable to wear, and 75% of them either ripped or popped a seam or took a hole from a cat claw within 1-2 wearings. The quality of fabric was AWFUL. So far, nothing like that has happened with LLR, and believe me, my cats have tried. They particularly like chasing the hems of my longer pieces (ha!). Besides that, many pieces can be altered in fit/style – tying dresses into knots, cinching them up inside for a different look, etc – and they just pop back into normal shape after a run through the wash. It’s awesome.

So yes, I’m a LLR convert. For the first time in several years, I actually like the clothes I’m wearing – like the pieces themselves, and like myself in them. It’s a huge boost to self-esteem to love the way you look in your clothes. I don’t even mind that I’ve spent way too much on this stuff and that if I do manage to lose weight, I’ll have to start my wardrobe all over again. Totally worth it.

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4 Responses to Wellness Wednesday – Why I Adore LuLaRoe

  1. Michelle says:

    I have been going on a LLR buying spree lately. I too gravitate towards autumnal colors and have been buying Sarahs like crazy in anticipation of fall. I will admit to always feeling a bit silly wearing my LLR to work because it seems a bit too casual and is way too comfortable for work clothes. I need to get over that feeling though. Like you, I love the fact that they don’t pinch or pull or cause discomfort. (I also need to get more creative about how I wear items. I need to get over that fear.)


    • Amanda says:

      I’ve been trying not to buy anything with a longer sleeve yet – we won’t be cool enough for it until November or December, and there’s always the tiny possibility I’ll be able to go down a size by then. Heh. šŸ˜€

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  2. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    That’s great that you have found comfortable clothes because to me that’s the key no one wants to be uncomfortable lol. You always seem to tackle real issues when you write and that’s what I dig about these post! keep up the fantastic work and you look amazing in your pictures, mainly because your cute but also because you look happy and relaxed and that makes all the difference! Have a great day my friend!


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