White Sand Volume 2, by Brandon Sanderson and Rik Hoskin

Since this is a continuation of a series, I’m not going to say more about the story, but instead direct you to my review of White Sand Volume 1. Most of what I have to say about this book is already said at that review, so in brief:

I’m not a huge fan of graphic novels normally, and this art style in particular is difficult for me to follow. Additionally, being a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson and having read many of his books, I can see just how much is missing (in characterization, world-building, politics, religion, magic system, connection to the rest of Cosmere…) when a book of his is adapted into GN form. There is no actual published novel available, or I’d be reading that, though I’m happy to say that Sanderson allowed his newsletter subscribers to get their hands on the rough draft novel that makes up the backbone of this adaptation. I have it and will read it at some point, which will hopefully help me understand and enjoy the GN series better!

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