Ten(ish) Most-Read Authors

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie! Since I’ve been blogging now for a bit over ten years, I figured I should take a look back at my top ten most-read authors since I began the blog! Of course, when I counted everything up, I discovered that I have to put eleven authors on the list, as there’s a three-way tie for the 10th spot. In order of book numbers:

11. David Levithan (8) – I figure that books written with other authors count, and so if I count both joint-writes and his own books, Levithan squeaks into my most-read count!

10. Marissa Meyer (8) – Every single book I’ve read by Meyer has been part of the same series/world/spin-off, and every single one of those books loved.

9. Suzanne Collins (8) – Did y’all know she wrote a five-book middle-grade series as well as the Hunger Games series?

8. Neil Gaiman (9) – I was surprised to see I’d read so many by Gaiman (including joint-writes, like with Levithan), because I was initially so turned off by his writing when I first read him. But I’ve enjoyed quite a bit by Gaiman, and he’s one of the very first authors I discovered because of other book bloggers.

7. Maggie Stiefvater (9) – This number is only going to go up as she has many books I have yet to get to.

6. Maureen Johnson (10) – Johnson is another author I only discovered due to blogging, and I’ve loved almost every single one of her books over the years.

5. William Somerset Maugham (10) – This one makes me laugh. Maugham is the author that helped me rediscover my love of reading back in 2001, and showed me that not all classics were the kinds they forced you to read in high school. I’ve read far more than ten of his books – 16 to be precise, not to mention all 91 of his short stories – but he was a prolific man and I’m sure this number will also continue to increase over time.

4. Diana Wynne Jones (13) – I only began reading Jones’ books in 2012 and they’ve been hit or miss with me, though one of my favorite books ever certainly comes from her!

3. JK Rowling (14) – This is no surprise, eh? I had a hard time deciding how to add up the number of books I’ve read by Rowling. The Harry Potter series, yes, but do I count reading the British version of the first book? How about the French versions of the entire series? In the end, I counted the HP books only one apiece, and the other seven books come from her other works, including her Cormoran Strike series and her joint efforts with other authors on The Cursed Child.

2. Scott Westerfeld (15) – I discovered Westerfeld early in the days of blogging and quickly read through just about everything he had on offer. He hasn’t put out a lot over the last few years, so it’s been awhile since I’ve read something by him, but he’s one of few authors who I pretty much trust to almost always deliver.

1. Brandon Sanderson (22) – Aaaaand we get to the number one slot, an author I’d never even heard of until 2011 and didn’t begin reading until 2012. Sanderson is now my very favorite author and I’ve read everything I can get my hands on. I’m now at that point where I either have to revisit books or just wait for the next one to arrive. Sanderson is one of very few authors whose books I’ll buy outright before ever reading them, because they are always, always worth reading and having on my shelf.

There you have it! My top most read authors since I began blogging! It’s quite a diverse group – adult, YA, classics, fantasy, literary, mysteries, authors that write alone or with others, authors who work in both print and graphic novel format…and to think, only three of these eleven authors are ones I found either before blogging or from a non-blog source! Just another way that book blogging has totally changed the way I read over the last ten years. Hurrah!!


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4 Responses to Ten(ish) Most-Read Authors

  1. Great topic for your post! I’m in my 10th year of blogging too and have discovered many authors through book blogs. I have yet to read The Lunar Chronicles but know I will since my daughter has raved about them.

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  2. Sanderson would be on my list as well 😀 I think I’ve read all of his novels so far, minus ‘Oathbringer’, which I am still in the middle of. I would have Pratchett & King up there as well. And Robin Hobb & Jennifer Fallon.

    I think I read 3 books by Neil Gaiman so far. Not the last ones though 🙂

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  3. These are great authors! I have a few authors at the top of my list, but I also pick up so many new ones, as well 🙂

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