Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue, by Marissa Meyer

This is the second (and I believe final) volume of this short graphic novel series that takes place after the Lunar Chronicles. Iko is the primary narrator, and she’s on earth fighting rogue wolf-soldiers who are intent on revenge against the Lunar government. This particular volume brings up some philosophical stuff, like how much of Iko’s personality is programmed into her android software and how much is true emotion and loyalty. That whole nature vs nurture thing, only in android form instead of human. The question becomes, what actually gives a person – or creature – humanity? Their personhood, or their actions? It was a good book, and like I said about the previous volume, a nice way to see former favorite characters and learn about the post-series world. I’ve enjoyed these graphic novels and am glad to have them on my shelf for many future comfort-rereads.

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