Sunday Coffee – Valentine’s Week

It’s been another one of those crazy weeks. I’ve been quiet on the blog because I haven’t had much to talk about. Since reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (twice), I was unable to settle to anything else for almost two weeks. I culled half a dozen books off my list and I’m now down to an almost zero queue again. I guess that’s a plus and a minus about reading a really great book – you don’t bother with “just okay” books afterwards, but you also might end up with little to read…

The week has also been crazy busy because of the Olympics. I’ve been trying to record segments and watch them later so I can skip all the sports I don’t care about, but it’s still a lot of content to sort through. I do love the Olympics so I don’t mind, especially since my books have been lackluster! Plus it gives my brain something to do while I sort through personal and national sadness.

We finally replaced my van this week! We bought a used Nissan Rogue through Carvana and got to do that whole stick-a-coin-in-the-slot vending machine thing, ha! Our van was getting dangerous to drive, so I’m happy we were finally able to do something about that. The no-dealership thing was a real treat, too. We named our new car Gordon, because he looks and sounds cross.

The water heater also finally got replaced this week. Unfortunately, right after we did that, we noticed a spot on the kitchen ceiling that was pooling with water. The good news is that these two things didn’t end up being related (whew!). The bad news is that a part of our roof has pulled away from the rest of the house, causing the leak, and we now have a two-foot hole in the middle of our kitchen ceiling. We had our insurance company come out to look. Again, it’s good and bad news. They’ll pay for all the interior damage, including retexturing and repainting. They won’t, however, pay for a new roof, and we will definitely need a new roof in the very near future. So right after paying off all the debts last month, we’ll acquire a new giant one. Sigh. This is the third roof we’ve replaced in the last six years or so…

(Meet Jojo!)

Then there’s the kitty news. Laurence joined me for Tuesday’s Yoga With Cats session, and a cat adopted us. Yup. A 3-month old black kitten (that could be a twin to our Ash) went right up to me and wouldn’t leave my side. He curled up on my feet and later my jacket (so I could do the yoga!) and later nestled into my neck. I went back to see him on Wednesday and he curled right back up again. He growled at me when I tried to put him down, until I let him back onto my chest. The darling. I brought Jason to meet him on Thursday, and filled out the adoption paperwork. There was a hitch in the adoption, though, which I’ll write about in its own post later this week. For now, we’re fostering him.

Valentine’s Day was nice this week, too, though Jason and I didn’t go out until the next day due to various appointments etc. We went to the cat cafe so I could introduce him to the potential future new addition to our family. Ha! And I think that pretty much sums up the week because I really don’t want to get started ranting about politics and school shootings and how the issue is guns AND mental health care, not either/or, and you can see why I don’t want to get on the soapbox and rant here! I’m de-stressing at home, curling up with the foster-kitty, enjoying my morning coffee…

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10 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Valentine’s Week

  1. Jojo is an adorable name for your new kitty! 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve been cuddling with the puppy too. I am most definitely his human, so it has been nice to come home after a long day of horrible news and work frustrations to his warm little body and the complete trust and love in his eyes.

    Enjoy your new car! I do love new vehicles. I suspect either Jim or I will be getting a new one soon, if only because Holly’s dance bag has outgrown both of ours. That could be a problem!


    • Amanda says:

      One time I owned a new car, years and years ago, but since then I’ve had nothing but used cars. Even this one is used, but it’s only two years old so it feels like a luxury. (I usually get them at least six years old, for the price!)


  3. De-stressing is always good. Our older cat is a snuggler, but so far not today, probably later after the Daytona 500.


  4. Kristen M. says:

    It has been so hard not to rant constantly this week! I’ve been turning to the Olympics too. The repetitiveness of so many of the sports is soothing. I stayed up extra late last night watching Giant Slalom because the back and forth movements was so calming.
    Congrats on the new car! My main car is starting to get a bit too temperamental so I’m really looking forward to my name coming up on the Tesla 3 waiting list.


  5. Kailana says:

    Having followed you on other media, I really do hope things work out for Jojo! So adorable!


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