January in Review

Please note: This post was pre-drafted before my grandmother’s health began to decline (more on this soon). I’m allowing it to post still, but I will be slow to respond to comments etc.

I didn’t do monthly recaps last year and found that I missed the process, especially when I was looking back on the year for happy moments. I don’t know that I’ll do this every month – I have a tendency to forget – but I’m going to try to do better.

Generally, the month was a fairly good one. I didn’t do as well as I wanted in terms of nutrition or mental health, but I made progress in a lot of other ways and had some truly happy moments.

A couple of my big goals of the year got crossed off very early – namely selling our WI house and paying off the credit card. Yay!!! I also got rid of 95% of my yarn surplus, leaving only a couple skeins plus the stuff I need for my afghan-in-progress. I saw two movies in theatre – Darkest Hour and The Post – and tried out a few new TV shows (Supernatural – no!, Stranger Things – yes!, Glee – meh…). I also got to go to the San Antonio Cat Cafe. So I’m off to a great start in terms of goals this year!

As I said above, I didn’t do so well in this category. While I exercised a lot – 28 days, 1700 minutes – and hit my yoga and walking goals (34 yoga sessions, 31 miles), my nutrition was all over the place. My weight didn’t budge due to this, and I kinda started from scratch this week. Again. In terms of mental health, I’m still working with my doctor to tweak medication levels, and have yet to find a good therapist (sigh).

(Goddess pose – this is HARD!)

This was a major slump month for me. Of the five books I read, only one (Consider the Fork) really stands out. One (Mind Games) I forgot completely, as evidenced by the following anecdote. Two weeks after I finished it, GoodReads recommended a book to me based on my reading Mind Games. I had no idea what it was talking about and had to go look Mind Games up, thinking a book got onto my read-list by mistake. Oops! There are a few books coming out in February that I’m highly anticipating, so hopefully it’ll be a better month in books for me!

Highlights of January
Selling the house and paying off the credit card obviously top this list. Other highlights include:

  • celebrating Jason’s birthday
  • listening to many outstanding TED Talks
  • visiting the Cat Cafe (twice!)
  • meeting with my writer friends (including one I haven’t seen in a couple years)
  • joining an online yoga community
  • getting our taxes done (yay refunds!)
  • Ambrose starting driver’s ed

I have to note that many of these things I’ve felt more intellectually than emotionally. My emotional state has been very scattered and often numbed out this month. I know that when I look back on January later in the year, it will be a good month in my memory. For now, though, I’m processing most of it on a thinking level rather than a heart level. That’s something that I want to get better with time.

Coming up in February
February should be relatively quiet, beyond the fact that one of my kids will be learning to drive, heh. My nephew’s fourth birthday is the weekend, and of course there’s Valentine’s Day, but mostly I expect I’ll be pretty homebound. I plan on easing up on the yoga this month – daily (sometimes twice-daily) sessions are taking a bit of a toll on my body – and doing more walking, hiking, and maybe even running again. And if all goes well, we’ll finally be able to replace my failing car this month. Wish us luck with that one!

How was your January? Any fun stuff coming up this month?

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7 Responses to January in Review

  1. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    Fantastic post! I think you did awesome this month and this is a great idea to have a no that recap. I may start doing this in my little journal. In January I developed my gym routine, blogged at least 3 times a week, started my hydroponic system for gardening and finally purchased a scale. So all and all I did fairly well but I will say one thing I need to figure out is which I.F. I want to do for the long-term. I’m still tweaking that all the time because I love fasting as a tool!


  2. Kristen M. says:

    I am flying today to a family wedding in Phoenix that I have been dreading but now you have me glad that I decided to go anyway to see my grandpa. I haven’t seen him in about 10 years and he’s 85 so I need to do this. I’m so sorry about your grandmother. My warmest thoughts are with you. ❤


    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Kristen. It has been really hard. i’m glad to hear you’ll have to a chance to see your grandpa. I know not everyone thinks of family the same way I do – Jason hardly knows his extended family, for instance – but I grew up surrounded by extended family on both sides and this is like losing a part of myself. The last member of my family who passed away did so right after I moved to Boston and I was unable to come down for her funeral. It was devastating. I’m so glad to be back home again.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Michelle says:

    I am so sorry about your grandmother. I have one grandparent left myself who just happens to be my grandmother, and while we are not close I know her passing is going to hit me hard because it is the end of an era.


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