Wellness Wednesday – Sugar Hangover

I mentioned in my post on Monday that I went to the movies with Jason and Laurence on Saturday night. We saw Darkest Hour – which was excellent, by the way – and had a good night. Perhaps a little late for my tastes (I like to turn in early) but worth it. However, by the middle of the night, I discovered something rather important: the sugar hangover is a real thing, people. And it’s awful.

So far this year I’ve been doing great with keeping my sugar low, as I mentioned starting in December. I had two days where I was so sick that all I could eat was tomato soup, crackers, and cereal, and so my sugar was a bit high on those days. Otherwise, though, every day in 2018 has been an ounce or less of sugar – until Saturday. It was a celebration, and we all got treats at the movie. I got M&Ms, and was expecting one of those boxes they usually come in. I knew it would be too much, but again, birthday celebration, I’d let the sugar grams slide for a night. Except then Jason brought our treats to our seats, and…

I don’t know exactly what size this bag ended up being. I didn’t look at the ounces, calories, sugar grams, etc. My best guess is that I probably consumed nearly 100 grams of sugar – about what I normally eat now in four days – over the two hours of movie. Of course I should have stopped, but I didn’t.

So okay, it was one night. I knew I’d get back on track the next day. I just wasn’t expecting to wake up with a migraine at three in the morning. And then again at six. Medicine did nothing. My head ached pretty much the entire day as I drank tons of water and attempted to bring my sugar grams to zero for the day. I still managed to exercise, but MAN that is a lesson learned!

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11 Responses to Wellness Wednesday – Sugar Hangover

  1. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    If this ever happens again try a green smoothie with avocado it really helps if you had too much sugar previously. Glad you had a good time!


    • Amanda says:

      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a recipe for a green smoothie that I could eat, since I can’t do lettuce or cucumber. :/


      • Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

        Yeah? I can’t even taste the greens in the smoothie. You don’t like any of the lettuce? What about kale and spinach and stuff?


      • Amanda says:

        I can do spinach, and cooked kale under certain very specific circumstances, but no lettuces except (rarely) a baby spring mix. I was born with what they call a super-taster gene, which essentially means that I have extremely sensitive tastebuds. For example, I can taste how close milk is to expiring a week before it actually goes bad, and if iceberg lettuce has ever even touched my food, it overpowers every other flavor. As you can imagine, this doesn’t make vegetables easy for me! My parents gave up trying to get me to eat them when I was still an infant, so I grew up with almost no produce on my plate, and I didn’t expand that much until around the age of 30, when I made a goal to eat at least one vegetable per day. Sounds stupid, but that was very hard for me, and it took nearly a year before my tastebuds accustomed themselves. Even now, my tolerance is limited to specific vegetables, at specific ages (young is preferable most of the time), and specific cooking techniques. The only two raw vegetables I can eat are baby spinach and (sometimes, if it’s exactly the right age) summer squash. But it means that I know a lot of very creative ways to eat them that I’ve discovered over the years!


  2. This is such an important topic. The cutting back on sugar, I mean. I’ve been trying to lessen my sugar intake as well but it has been so HARD. I think I have a serious sugar addiction problem. Thinking about not eating sweets for a whole day really gives me anxiety and I don’t know how to control it.


  3. Ceri says:

    Yikes. This happens to be if I go overboard on sugar too. Such a shame you had to feel that way after a treat though.


    • Amanda says:

      I almost never go overboard THAT badly! I had some of that awful conflict of “well I SHOULD eat it since it’s for the birthday celebration” that I should be able to combat by now, but it’s all a learning process and hopefully next time I’ll do better!


  4. Michelle says:

    Dang. I never would consider sugar as a migraine trigger. I will have to pay closer attention to my sugar intake the next time I have a migraine!


    • Amanda says:

      I kinda wonder if it’s the sugar leeching the water from my body, causing dehydration. But whatever the cause, I felt worse after that bag of M&Ms than I ever have after too much alcohol!


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