Mind Games, by Kiersten White

Two sisters with psychic powers. A mysterious and dangerous school. Both sisters trying to protect and save each other though one is blind and one is psychologically traumatized by what she’s forced to do.

I only found out recently that Kiersten White had written more than the Conqueror’s Saga. I’m not sure why I thought it was her first series. I looked through her many books and decided to try this one as my second foray into her writing. My thoughts were mixed. On the one hand, it wasn’t nearly so in-depth or nuanced as what she did in the Conqueror’s Saga. It felt much more YA-thriller, not as much depth, and I’m kind of in the mood for more depth. But on the other hand, the book arrived for me right when I was sick and unable to concentrate much on anything heavier. It kept me reading and was the perfect level and speed for me when I was under the weather, and I appreciated that. So it was a mixed experience, and in the future, I’ll likely approach more of White’s work a bit more cautiously.

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2 Responses to Mind Games, by Kiersten White

  1. Michelle says:

    I figured you would not find this quite as satisfying as her Conqueror’s series. Like you said, it is a pleasant diversion. I finished the whole series and can that the rest of the books are about the same.


    • Amanda says:

      I think I’ll wait to read more until I’m more in the mind for fun romps than I am right now. I’m actually not sure what my brain is doing. I seem to be slumping or craving something specific that’s making it harder to pick stuff to read.

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