Sunday Coffee – A Very Unusual Week

It was the Twilight Zone in the Gignac household this week. It started on Monday when we received a large, unexpected check in the mail. Turns out, when we sold our house last fall, they calculated our closing expenses wrong and shortchanged us by quite a bit. Getting the check now is quite good news because:

On Tuesday when a package arrived. It was a package we expected from Jason’s dad, so at first this didn’t seem weird. True, it had those plastic bands around it like they have around very heavy boxes, but I didn’t think much about it. The box was supposed to have Jason’s wedding ring, which he’d accidentally left up in Wisconsin the last time he was there. When we opened it, though, the contents were weird: Two chocolate bars from Aldi – that’s exactly something we’d expect. A stack of six identical fridge magnets featuring a clutch of kids we’d never met – um…what?? A booklet entitled “The Essence of Jesus: Essential Oils and the Story of the Cross” – now I know Jason’s mom is religious and likes essential oils, but this just doesn’t seem her kind of thing… Lastly, no wedding ring, which was supposed to be inside a sealed envelope.

We called Jason’s parents, thinking maybe there’d been a mix-up in packages they sent, but no, they’d never seen those fridge magnets, the family featured on them, or the booklet (which had a note from the author inside). Best we can figure, the post office somehow broke open several packages and got their contents mixed up. This would be why we had plastic bands holding our box together. The contents we were supposed to receive were just the wedding ring and five chocolate bars from Aldi. We’re doing our best to locate the ring – I’ve spoken with the booklet author, Jason’s parents called USPS, Jason talked with Shutterfly (who made the magnets) – but so far, no luck. Likely we’ll have to get him a new one, sigh. (Which is why the windfall check mentioned above will come in handy! Well, for that and the water heater that began leaking this week too…)

Then there was Thursday’s snow. In San Antonio. Real snow. I put up lots of pictures on Instagram – it was just unreal. It never, ever snows here, and it had been in the 80s only two days before the snow came. The snow only lasted a night, and was gone by the next afternoon, but it was certainly a lot of fun. All the kids who live nearby were out on the streets shouting and laughing and dancing. Ambrose – the only one of my boys who stayed outside for long – helped build a trio of snowmen with some other kids. The entire city was blanketed for a short time. It was lovely.

So it really has been a weird week for us. Maybe the next one will be a bit more normal. And hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will figure out where Jason’s ring got misdirected…

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8 Responses to Sunday Coffee – A Very Unusual Week

  1. Melissa F. says:

    That is absolutely crazy about the package! Definitely the Twilight Zone, for sure. I hope you get it resolved and find the ring. Unexpected windfalls are the best — congrats!

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  2. Michelle says:

    That is horrible about the ring! I have been hearing some weird things about USPS this season. It is like their budget cuts are finally catching up to them, and there are not enough people to handle the influx of mail at this time of year. So there are mistakes galore. I hope you can find Jason’s ring!

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  3. Ceri says:

    That’s awful. I do hope that ring can be found. I know the mailing system goes a bit crazy at this time of year but oh my god. Someone somewhere has probably received that ring and is so confused.

    Snow in Texas? Wow. Even I know that’s weird. Pretty but weird.

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  4. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:


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  5. Amanda says:

    Sadly it looks like the ring will just be lost. USPS has said there’s nothing they can do, and there was no insurance on the package. Shutterfly told us they’d contact the original order-peeps, but we haven’t heard back from them either. Our anniversary comes up on the 22nd, so we think we’ll go ring shopping that day for our date.


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