Sunday Coffee – Thanksgiving

I’m back! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week. My break was both busy and relaxing, consisting of:

– Oathbringer! The release of Oathbringer is of course why I decided to take a mini-blog break in the first place, combined with it being an upcoming holiday week. I told my family I was taking vacation, and then spent three days binge-reading the 1235-page tome. My emotions were all over the place as I read and I had major mood swings because of everything I felt from those pages. My poor family, haha.

– I finally saw a new therapist here, but one visit was enough to know it wouldn’t be a good fit. Back to the drawing board.

– I made a new header for the blog! Finally! I’ve been meaning to do this since 2014, and here it is, three years later…

– Last weekend, the boys stayed with my mom, so Jason and I got our first night off/out in about eight months. While we didn’t do anything spectacular – we just went to Half Price Books for some Christmas shopping then to the grocery store – it was lovely just to hang out and chat and not have to parent for a bit. I went to bed super early that night (8pm!) and had a lovely long night of sleep before the boys returned to us the next morning.

– A cold front finally came through that same weekend. Halloween was a nasty, fitful-rain night that brought in a muggy heat wave. The first few weeks of November were in the mid-to-high 80s with high humidity and general blah-ness. That was really affecting my mood and my desire to go exercise. This cold front (and dry front!) was definitely needed.

– There was, of course, Thanksgiving. I spent this with my dad’s side of the family, some extended family I hadn’t seen in over a year. My sister and brother-in-law came in from out of town and I got to hang out with them (and my brother) both at the Thanksgiving dinner and afterwards at our house. My family made cranberry orange muffins for the party and they were sooooo good!

– The day after Thanksgiving was packed! I had lunch out with extended family at my favorite restaurant (India Oven). There was some Black Friday shopping (well after the crowds were gone!) and then we began decorating our house for Christmas. It’s tradition for us to start playing Christmas songs and putting up decorations on the day after Thanksgiving. We didn’t get everything done, but our house is starting to feel like the holidays! Plus I discovered that we have one outlet that is controlled by a light switch. It’s right by where we decided to put the Christmas tree, so that’s perfect! We used to have one of those before we moved to Boston, and haven’t had one since then, so this was a neat little fun thing about our house to discover. I love being able to turn the Christmas lights on and off at the switch. Yes, I’m a dork.

So it was a good holiday, fun and full. Jason and the boys go back to work/school tomorrow and life (and blog) shall resume as normal. 🙂

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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Thanksgiving

  1. Ceri says:

    Sounds like a great packed few weeks. 🙂 I’m still not feeling very Christmasy but I think it’ll come once I to Wales for a visit in a few weeks. I love your new header. ❤ Those muffins look incredible.


    • Amanda says:

      I’m trying to get into the spirit even though it’s been so hot around here. My body and brain are still adjusting from all the crazy moves of the last three years!


  2. Michelle says:

    Cranberry orange is one of my favorite flavor combinations in baked goods. Any chance you are willing to share the recipe?

    No decorating at our house this weekend. I didn’t want to stress about it and wanted to maximize my time relaxing. Plus, I got hit with one of the worst migraines I have had in years followed by a rebound migraine the following day. I wanted to take it as easy as possible after that in fear of more blinding, pounding pain. I plan to start decorating slowly over the course of the week. It makes things much more manageable and hopefully enjoyable as well.

    Have fun getting back to a regular schedule!


    • Amanda says:

      I got the recipe off this website: – though we used almond milk since my sister is allergic to dairy. We doubled the recipe and it seems the proportions didn’t take into account the volume of the cranberries themselves – instead of making 24 muffins for a double batch, it made 36.

      I’m sorry to hear about your migraine. That’s just miserable!

      We have a tradition of decorating it all the day after Thanksgiving when Jason usually takes off work if they don’t give him the day off already. This year there was a bit of stomach sickness in the house (Morrigan and Jason) so we didn’t finish the indoor decor until Sunday evening, and we still have the outdoor lights to do. Ah well.

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  3. Kristen M. says:

    My brother also binged Oathbringer and loved it. I am still WAY behind on Sanderson. 🙂

    Also, I just started decorating tonight but I am not really in the mood. Stress levels are high because I have to get a non-cancerous spot excised on my back later this week. Why they have to cut me up when it’s non-cancerous is beyond me but now I’m freaked out and not thrilled to be having stitches and bandages and all of that in a place that I won’t be able to reach. I’m trying to rush shopping and everything because I don’t know if I will be able to stretch or bend or lean back or anything for a while so, unsurprisingly, that doesn’t really enhance the holiday spirit. And, if you can’t tell, I haven’t really talked to anyone about this but apparently I needed to get it out so, um, sorry for leaving this in your comments but I know you’ll understand. ❤


    • Amanda says:

      I DO understand. Surgery is awful to have around this time of year. And the stress/anxiety leading up to an event just worsens everything. I hope the surgery doesn’t end up being as terrible as predicted and you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season afterwards. Also: I’m happy to hear it’s noncancerous!
      Also: a tip of the hat to your brother for his binge-reading! 😀

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