The Perfect Stranger, by Megan Miranda

Leah Stevens is looking to start over, anonymous, after a scandal at her previous job as a journalist. Emmy Grey, her former roommate from years ago, is also looking for a fresh start. The two of them relocate to a small town in Western Pennsylvania. Not long after they arrive, however, a woman who looks eerily similar to Leah is attacked, and Emmy disappears completely. The two cases seem tenuously connected, and the police aren’t sure whether to believe Emmy exists or not, with no paper trail, no background, no evidence. Leah is left wondering if she ever knew Emmy at all, or if there is something even darker happening around her.

This was a good thriller. I rarely feel wholeheartedly good about every aspect of thrillers, but I liked this one a lot. The characters felt real and none of the twists were out of the blue or shock-factor twists. The background stories unfolded gently and at a good pace. The conclusion was solid. This is the first I’ve read from Megan Miranda but I imagine I’ll read more from her in the future.

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