Sunday Coffee – Slumpity Slump

April is one of my three “bad” months each year. In the past, this has generally been associated with weather, because in San Antonio, April is the month of soaring temps, high humidity, and very little hope for further cold fronts. It’s when 100 degrees starts appearing regularly and there’s little relief at night. It’s the beginning of summer. And with summer comes a kind of reverse seasonal depression in San Antonio, seeing less of the sun because it’s too hot to be outside for the next six months. Needless to say, that’s no fun.

Because of this early flop into depression, most of my world takes a bit of a dive. Books included. I often find myself drawn toward mysteries and thrillers to escape, or I simply go into full-on reading slump. And while I’m not in Texas anymore, my body has gone through this particular cycle so often that it’s kinda built in. Even in years when I’m feeling awesome in March – this was not one of them – something just falls apart the first week of April. Since this year I was already feeling awful, the slide into depression isn’t terribly noticeable. However, the reading slump is very, very noticeable.

I loved the books I read in March. I had a hard time picking a favorite. There were a ton more I was looking forward to, particularly queued up on audio. I started re-listening to a favorite series. That was enjoyable…until the last day of March, when all of a sudden, I just didn’t want to listen anymore. I tried other audiobooks: adult and YA, fiction and nonfiction, fantasy and realistic. Every beginning sounded like a book I’d like to read – just not yet. In the end, since I was out walking, I put on music instead.

So that’s fine, right? One day of a break is fine. No big deal. Only since then, nothing has sounded remotely appealing. I don’t want to read. I don’t want to listen to audiobooks. I don’t want to do anything, really, with books. Of course, it’s only been a bit over a week, but I recognize the signs. Slump, slump, slump.

Hopefully it won’t last long. Especially with the Readathon coming up at the end of the month (yay!). Especially with it finally being my turn at the library for some books I’ve looked forward to for months. Especially with my body realizing that it’s actually turning to nice weather here rather than the reverse.

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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Slumpity Slump

  1. Michelle says:

    I hope you can snap out of your slump soon!

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  2. Kristen M. says:

    I think I’m having the opposite of a slump right now. I can’t read books fast enough. I’m being a bit manic about it actually. I think it’s escapism. I guess I should just be happy that I have an escape right now? Gotta look on the bright side!

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