Wellness Wednesday #47: April Challenge

buttonAs far as food and fitness challenges go for me, February and March were a bust. I didn’t even bother to make challenges for March. There was just too much going on between vacation, two medicine changes, a major health scare, and my doctor dismissing me. My health has suffered from all this, and I need some direction for April.

Back in January, I made and kept a fitness goal to complete the Yoga With Adriene 31-Day Yoga Revolution. It was lovely, and I found myself completely in love with yoga. I got stronger, more confident, more flexible, and more relaxed. While I’ve continued to do yoga periodically over the last couple months – especially while on vacation – I haven’t felt any real direction, picking videos at random. I’ve decided that for April, I’d like to complete Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenge from 2015. I actually already started this, so I’ll be ahead a few days and will be able to take a few  break days during the month, which sounds perfect!

In addition to this, I’d like to do five days of out-of-my-comfort-zone fitness. This can be anything from taking a class at my local community center (even a yoga class!) to trying out a new kind of fitness equipment. I’d just like to break away from my normal yoga-and-walking routine to keep my body guessing a little. This part of the challenge, however, is far less important than becoming regular in my yoga practice again!

I have three huge struggles with nutrition. The first is eating not out of hunger or desire, but out of depression. Even if I eat the same things, eating for comfort does bad things to my body. The second struggle is an addiction to sugar combined with PCOS-related insulin resistance. The third is that after years of doing it religiously, I really really hate food-tracking (especially calorie-tracking). Over the last couple years, I’ve gone back and forth between trying to force myself to count calories and eating on nutrition plans that are lower-carb (cutting out flour, sugar, and refined grains). The former is tedious beyond imagination, the latter is limiting in what I can eat. The waffling back and forth isn’t helping me!

So for April’s challenge, I’ve decided to do something 100% new to me. I’ve downloaded a couple different food-trackers that aren’t focused on calories. One, for instance, involves taking pictures of your meals. Another records what you ate in text along with a mini-journal of how you felt at the time of eating, as a way to become mindful about why you’re eating. I don’t know which of the trackers will work best over time, but my goal is to use them throughout April and evaluate their helpfulness to my health journey. I think treating it as a data-gathering experiment will help me tremendously. I like experiments, data, and new things. I like the fact that this is one step removed from me, tracking for the sake of gathering data, rather than to try to help my health. That removal makes it more clinical and cuts out the emotional ties that tend to sabotage me. We’ll see!

Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Wellness Wednesday #47: April Challenge

  1. Michelle says:

    These food trackers you mention intrigue me. I detest regular calorie-counting food trackers too. I haven’t found one that works for me, other than to make me feel guilty for my food choices and thereby sabotaging any healthy steps forward I have taken. I don’t want to feel guilty. I want to get healthy and hopefully lose weight! You will have to give us an update in a few weeks as to how they are working for you. I am definitely interested in trying one of them out for myself!


    • Amanda says:

      I’ll definitely put up a review on what I find. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a TON of options out there, and the searches I’ve done come up relatively empty, or with apps that are very out of date (and sometimes no longer exist). I’ve found a couple that are working, though I wish I had a combined app!

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  2. Kristen M. says:

    I have started working out almost regularly again but the food is definitely the sticking point for me right now. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you think of the non-calorie based programs. I keep meaning to restart food tracking but it makes me feel so angsty that I haven’t done it yet.


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