The Stories That Have Stayed With Me

Back when I was writing about Words of Radiance two Sundays ago, I got to thinking about how some books really resonate and stick. Some books just seem to come at exactly the right time, and influence your life so much that they become a permanent part of you. I’ve come across so many wonderful books in my life, and I thought I’d bring together a list of the books, series, and stories that have stayed with me. In no particular order:

  • Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson
  • the Mistborn series – Brandon Sanderson
  • the Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway
  • The Unit – Ninni Holmqvist
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – Susanna Clark
  • The Host – Stephanie Meyer
  • Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones
  • Catch-22 – Joseph Heller
  • the Harry Potter series – JK Rowling
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan
  • The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
  • Gentlemen and Players – Joanne Harris
  • Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte
  • Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro
  • The Awakening – Kate Chopin
  • Possession – AS Byatt
  • The Egypt Game – Zilpha Keatley Snyder
  • The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

Not every book I read and love ends up sticking. But some books simply worm their way in and become part of me in the long term. If I created a “me” bookshelf, these are the books that would make it up – a hodgepodge mix of classics and fantasy, of adult and YA and children’s books, of heavy philosophical reads and whimsical fun stories. Y’all? This is my ideal bookshelf! One to look at and bring me 100% joy!

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5 Responses to The Stories That Have Stayed With Me

  1. Kailana says:

    Great bunch of books there. I have loved many of them myself. 🙂

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  2. Kristen M. says:

    Four of these would probably be on my “me” shelf too — The Night Circus, Jonathan Strange, Howl, and Jane Eyre. You have some other great ones listed too!

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  3. czesiachet says:

    So I tried to read the first book in the series from Brandon Sanderson and didn’t get very far. I have a really hard time with books that bring you into new worlds with different words for items like swords and makes you keep up with a whole new world. Do you have any hints toward how I could get more into that style? I’d really like to try again.


    • Amanda says:

      I think it just takes getting used to. I started with worlds that were more similar to ours. For instance, with Sanderson, I started with his Mistborn trilogy, because it sounded a lot less high fantasy. The Stormlight Archive is very out there. I only continued with the first book because I trusted the author. Eventually you realize that it’s not as difficult as it first appears (swords, for instance, still exist, there are just special slightly-different swords known as honor blades and another group called Shardblades), and that since this is eventually to be a ten book series, there is some in the beginning you simply WON’T understand. Once you get into the meat of the story, it becomes about the characters, and you learn about the new world through them. For these kinds of books, I just try to go with the flow in the beginning, and I find them easier to tackle on audio to be honest. Anything that I find difficult in print, I then try on audio, because sometimes having it read to me helps me to make sense of things.

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