The Masquerading Magician, by Gigi Pandian (audio)

masquerading-magicianSince this is the second book in a series, I’m going to refrain from discussing the plot and simply refer back to the first book, The Accidental Alchemist, for anyone who is interested in storyline. In fact, I’m going to keep this as a mini-review altogether. My thoughts in brief:

There was a lot less to this story than in the first book. Less mystery, less storyline, less food-talk (a good thing in this case), less humor, less atmosphere, less closure. Additionally, there were a few new things. There were third-person flashbacks that are not all entirely explained yet, and an unresolved end that makes me anxious to get to the next book (January!). None of this is to say I didn’t like the book. I did. It fell a little flat after the first novel, as second books so often do, but was still good. Thankfully, it didn’t fall prey to being a repeat of the first book in any way, and I’m grateful for that. I definitely plan to keep reading on when further volumes are published.

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