No One Knows, by JT Ellison (audio)

no-one-knowsAubrey’s husband disappeared five years ago. She was eventually exonerated after she was accused of murdering him, and her life has been a wreck ever since. On the day her husband is declared dead, a mysterious stranger shows up, and old wounds start to open, old secrets start to come out.

About the book: I loved this book all the way up until the last chapter or two. I listened to it nonstop, the audio equivalent of unputdownable. The psychology was fascinating. I loved the peeling off of layers, the slow unraveling of the past. Then came the end and the final twist, and suddenly, I was done. Once more, a thriller had gone one step too far, and for me, the story was sacrificed for the sake of shock. And frankly, after reading enough thrillers that do this exact same thing, throw a random twist at the end to change up everything you know, the twist wasn’t even shocking. It was just disappointing. The book was much, much better without it.

About thrillers in general: Then again, maybe this just comes down to thrillers not being my genre. I enjoy some thrillers and crime novels. Tana French and Robert Galbraith immediately spring to mind, and there have been others through the years. Too often, though, I go into something that sounds really promising and am disappointed by a final twist that turns a book from great into meh. The problem for me is that I never know which will be a great book and which will pull a last-minute twist. I don’t want to miss the good ones, but I’m too often disappointed by the expected. Ironic, given that twists are supposed to be the unexpected. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m sure that in the bigger picture, thriller-lovers will love this one. It’s expertly crafted. For me, though: complete disappointment, even bigger after being so enthralled by the first 98% of the book.

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2 Responses to No One Knows, by JT Ellison (audio)

  1. Michelle says:

    I feel your pain. It seems like so many thriller authors are going for the last-minute shocking twist lately, and I am not a fan. It seems like such a cop-out to me, as if they cannot figure out how to finish the story and throw that in there to do it for them. The thing is that those novels that started this trend were building up to the twist all along and definitely did not throw it in at the last minute. There is a huge difference, and I see way too much of the former and not enough of the latter anymore.

    I miss the carefully crafted stories without major plot twists – or at least bring them in towards the middle of the novel and incorporate them into the story.


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