The Trespasser, by Tana French (audio)

trespasserAntoinette Conway is nearly done with the Dublin Murder Squad. The harassment has gotten to the breaking point, and Conway can hardly tell who is and isn’t out to get her anymore. The case that’s handed down to her and her partner, Stephen Moran, feels like the last straw. Aislinn Murray has been murdered, and other detectives want this wrapped up quick and easy with a nice little bow. Conway doesn’t think it’s so simple, though, and her paranoia comes up with all sorts of reasons everyone else is pushing her to shut down this case too fast.

One again, Tana French doesn’t disappoint! This book is brilliant, split between the chaotic psychology of Conway’s paranoia and the murky secret life led by the murder victim. Nothing is black and white, and the narrator isn’t exactly a likable person. Being inside her head, you come to question not just the case and the people around her, but the narrator herself. I can’t say more than that without revealing spoilers, but man this book was great. I’m already itching for the next in the series, and trying to guess who will be the detective to narrate it!

Performance: Hilda Fay reads this book. I’ve never listened to an audio production from her before and I’m happy to say that it was delightful!

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