The Selection: Stories, by Kiera Cass

the_prince_and_the_guardNot much to say about this collection. The book consisted of two stories – “The Prince” and “The Guard” – which went through a few events of the original Selection trilogy from the point of view of other characters. Namely, the prince and the guard. I read the book as a bit of a diversion, and also because I’d mentioned when I first read the series last spring that I wished I could see this from Prince Maxon’s point of view. Which now I have, at least in limited part. And that’s just about all I have on that. Good for people who like this series already.

Note: There are apparently other books with this title that contain different short stories set in this world. I only read the edition with these two stories.

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4 Responses to The Selection: Stories, by Kiera Cass

  1. Michelle says:

    This post made me laugh. I am filling the blanks here with what you didn’t say, and yes, I am letting my imagination run wild. LOL!


    • Amanda says:

      Ha! Now I’m curious what you’re imagining! Mostly I don’t say anything because I already said everything in the original reviews. 😀 This was like a reread, and I only review rereads if I’ve something new to say. Tell me – what tricks is your imagination playing? 😀


      • Michelle says:

        Well, I knew you liked the series but it seemed like you were purposely avoiding saying anything because you did not have anything nice to say.


      • Amanda says:

        Heh, ah no, just didn’t have anything to say. Probably didn’t help that I stress-read it and could barely differentiate the story from the book afterwards. There wasn’t much new added.


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