Sunday Coffee: Library

img_6062I’m still not here very much right now. Settling in is going rough, trying to coordinate about a thousand different things. Jason is back in TX getting our house on the market, so I’m a single mom (kinda) this week (or longer). The in-laws have guests coming later this week, so the house will be very busy and full. I imagine I’m going to be a part-time blogger for the next few months until we get our own place, so please forgive me if I’m not around very often. I’m trying my best to at least get book reviews out!

Speaking of book reviews, I now have access to books again – I have a library card! That’s one of the two bits of exciting news in my life since last Sunday. (The other is that the truck finally arrived with our stuff, so I have all my crochet and coffee supplies, not to mention more clothes!) Mid-week, the whole family walked the half-mile to the library and got library cards. The library here is tiny, but it’s networked with about 40 libraries in this section of Wisconsin, and so we can get request books from any of those to be sent here. I have a bunch of books on hold already, some already winging my way. Woohoo!

Sadly, though, there is no Wowbrary. Ah well.

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9 Responses to Sunday Coffee: Library

  1. Kailana says:

    Glad some good things happened last week. Enjoy your new library books!

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  2. Trixie says:

    Glad to hear you are getting (somewhat) settled. Moving is so stressful, but you already know that! Take your time and don’t get too stressed out if you can help it. Certainly don’t feel bad about not being here much. 🙂

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  3. Michelle says:

    Hang in there. Hopefully, your TX house is one parts of the country where the housing market has exploded for the better and your house will sell faster than you can imagine! Some day, you will be able to look back on this as one of those growing experiences, as painful as they might be.

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  4. A new library card is cause for celebration. I almost always have to reserve books at my local library. But since I can do that online, I almost always have books waiting for me when I stop by for a visit.


  5. Shaina says:

    I was so excited to get my Seattle and King County library cards, too. I can check out so many books! 🙂

    I hope the adjusting gets easier soon.


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