Sunday Coffee – I read a thing.

IMG_5447Starting in mid-April, around the time of the Readathon, I succumbed to binge-reading in my stress. I read waaaaaay too much in April, and waaaaaaay too much in May, and continued the pattern in June up until my Wisconsin vacation. At that point, I simply stopped reading. Period.

Once I got home from vacation, I tried a few books, but nothing appealed to me. Maybe it was a slump. Maybe my brain just wasn’t ready for books. I culled a bunch from my list, and have been slowly going through Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. It wasn’t until I downloaded the audio of The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey, sequel to The Girl at Midnight, that I actually finished a book. And honestly, I think I only finished it because I was listening to it as I crocheted like a madwoman. I hardly remember the book, through no fault of its own (as it was really good!), and may have to relisten before I move on to the final book in the series (when it comes out).

So yes, I read a thing, kinda, but I still don’t see that breaking open my slump in any way. I’ve downloaded a few audiobooks. I might listen to a few things. Maybe. In a way, though, I’m enjoying the silence. So much is going on in my life right now (house construction, doctors changing my medicine, heat-induced depression, bandying about the idea of moving next summer, the boys in camps and therefore constantly coming and going…) that my brain seems fit for only the tiniest things. I can focus on my yarn art, but not on the depths of a book (to read OR to write). So I read a thing, but it might be the only thing for the next month or so…

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee – I read a thing.

  1. Kailana says:

    If I wasn’t listening to audiobooks on the treadmill, I wouldn’t be finishing anything. That is normal for this time of year for me, though.


  2. gricel says:

    I’ve been through periods like this myself… sometimes, I just can’t handle looking at text without being overwhelmed, especially when I’m bogged down with life and work. Don’t worry, the TBR never really goes away 🙂


  3. Michelle says:

    That seems about right when life gets crazy. At least, I can say that I find myself mindlessly playing phone games when I have more than I can handle mainly because I need that time to switch gears in my brain before I can focus on words of any sort. I say enjoy the silence and the crafting and don’t worry about reading. Those books will wait until you are ready!


  4. Amanda says:

    Exactly. I’ll read when I want to, even if that means my blog goes kinda quiet over the summer…


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