Sunday Coffee – One Year

IMG_5154It’s been a year. A year since we moved back to Texas. A year since we moved into this house. A year since a tiny stray kitten landed on our doorstep and became the newest member of our family. (Sidenote: Look how big he is now!! He weighed barely over a pound when we got him, the scrawny little street-rat! Gavroche is now a very well-behaved and loving beast of a cat.)

The two years before this last year were awful, nearly every part of them, but I’m happy to say that things have steadily improved over the last year. Things are not perfectly well, of course – as I mentioned last week, life can be very hard – but they’re better and that’s what counts.

tattooAround this time every year, I think about my first tattoo, inked shortly after my life fell apart in 2013. Strength. A reminder to stay strong, a reminder that I am strong, that I can and will survive. And I have. I may not be thriving yet, but I’ve survived. I’m still here, and one day, hopefully soon, I’ll thrive.

About Amanda

Writing. Family. Books. Crochet. Fitness. Fashion. Fun. Not necessarily in that order. Note: agender (she/her).
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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – One Year

  1. Shaina says:

    I’m glad the last year has been better to you than the ones that came before it, and I hope the next one is even better.

    I hope you can enjoy the long weekend with family and friends!

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  2. Kailana says:

    I am glad things are improving!

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