The Widow, by Fiona Barton

the widowGlen Taylor is a very bad man, or at least a man accused (but without enough evidence to convict him) of doing very bad things. Jean, his wife, has stood by him over the years of accusations, police investigations, press on her door, and court trials. Now Glen is dead, and the widow is free to speak out. If she chooses.

I was drawn into this book immediately. I liked the formatting – sections told by different people (“the widow,” “the reporter,” “the detective,” etc), and alternating in time over many years to piece together the story and timeline. There is a lot of psychological intensity, and a lot of guesswork. These were the things I liked.

On the other hand, by the end of the book, I was simply worn out and tired. I need to point out that this is entirely on my head, rather than that of the book/author. First, I developed a bad sinus infection about halfway through the book, and whenever I read a book while sick, I tend to feel tired, and associate sick-feelings with book-feelings. It’s never positive for the book. Second, I honestly have no idea why I keep reading these sorts of psychological thrillers. They are totally not my kind of book, and I pretty much always feel worn out and unhappy by the end, no matter how well they’re written. This one, at least, didn’t consist entirely of awful characters, like some I’ve read, but I still got to the end feeling dissatisfied. Maybe it’s only because these books consist of awful things, and it was an awful week in the world that I read it, or maybe it’s the go-go-go must-read pull of these kinds of books, because that always tires me out. Either way, it isn’t the sort of book I’d want to own or read very often, despite it being well-written, planned, plotted, and displayed. I recommend it to others who like this sort of genre.

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3 Responses to The Widow, by Fiona Barton

  1. The alternating narrators sounds promising. I am going to look this one up on Goodreads.


  2. Michelle says:

    Yeah, I’m actually surprised you read it. It isn’t really your type of book at all.


  3. Amanda says:

    I’m not sure why I always think thrillers will work for me…


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