Sunday Coffee – Brain Candy

IMG_5004Let me be honest: This was not a good month for me. This wasn’t really because Stuff Happened (though of course there was stuff…kidney stone, ankle problems, sweltering heat and humidity, a shooting near my son’s high school, the discovery of a major termite infestation that wasn’t disclosed when we bought our  house…etc). It was more an issue of triggers. The heat around this time of year always induces a bit of depression, but the last two Mays have been extremely rough for me emotionally, and so I spent most of this month in a kind of fug, protecting my vulnerable innards from attack. It was something I was aware of, but not something I had any control over. Instead of fighting for control, which would have only disordered me even worse, I simply let the fug take over. I dove into books as my only escape, and I only wanted the lightest, fluffiest, sweetest candy to devour.

I read 15 books in May, which is about three times my normal (outside Readathon months). Nearly all of those 15, excepting rereads, consisted of books I don’t normally read and books I likely won’t remember much about. I’m not saying anything bad about these books, because hell, that’s exactly what I needed in May. I was super thankful that I had them when I needed them.

Toward the end of the month, though, I grew tired of brain-candy. I know I wasn’t quite ready for deeper-thinking books, because the one time I tried, I ended up not enjoying the book as much as I probably would have in other circumstances. Still, I no longer wanted race-to-the-end, book-after-book-after-book kinds of reads. I wanted to slow down and savor words again, and now I move into June with different priorities and a desire to strive for better balance again. Books, writing, health, family, friends. Not just books. Wish me luck!

In better news, here’s a few happenings from the last few days. 1 – The boys finished school. They are now in 7th, 9th, and 10th grades. I have two high-schoolers:

2016 school

2 – My hair was driving me crazy, so I decided to go drastic and do something I’d wanted to do for a long time:


And I think I love this haircut more than any I’ve ever had in my life. Love love LOVE.

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5 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Brain Candy

  1. Now I’m wanting to know what the brain candy was. What were those books? I need anything at this point. 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    Brain candy is therapy for the soul sometimes. I’m glad you were able to indulge and more importantly that it helped you through the month!

    Look at that before/after picture of the boys. If ever you needed proof of how quickly they are growing, or how much they have grown, you now have it!

    I hope your June is a MUCH better month for you!


    • Amanda says:

      I was really surprised by the growth, because Ambrose in particular never seems to grow! But his voice has changed too, so he’s going to start shooting up soon.


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