Sunday Coffee – Something New


It’s been about a month or so since I finished my last manuscript, Maldralith, and I think it’s time to settle on a new project for the summer. I have a few possibilities picked out. Three are a little more well-developed in my head than the others, though I have new ideas splashing out over me so often these days that I’ve been feeling the panic of “not enough time!” Once I make my choice, I can go ahead without reservations, but I need to pick one first, and that’s almost always the hardest part. So, informal poll time! Which of the following three do you think I should work on next?

Winter’s Son
When Poe Winterson’s mother hangs herself, Poe is sent to live with her grandmother in the childhood home she hardly remembers. Eight years of nomadic life have obliterated memories of before. She barely recognizes her former best friend, Blake Hansley, and doesn’t recall the dilapidated piano abandoned in the woods where they used to play. She has no idea that this piano acts as a gateway to another world, a world of Nightmares that have haunted her dreams for years. Suddenly, nothing about the fabric of Poe’s life can be trusted – not her upbringing, not her memories, not the details of her mother’s death. She wants to run, to disappear back into the real world and never step foot near that piano again. The Nightmares have taken Blake, however, and Poe refuses to let them destroy any more lives in their hunt for her.

Notes: YA fantasy, first in a four-part series based on the four seasons, and this would be my second draft of this novel

Gargoyle Island
Mallory Dane inherits a tropical island luxury home off the coast of Honduras, but when she arrives to claim it, she runs afoul of an immortal priest and a gargoyle-come-to-life. She quickly discovers their secret: once chained to the island, a resident can never escape. Never one to accept her chains quietly, Mallory sets about unraveling the numerological magic that has trapped her family line on Gargoyle Island for a century.

Notes: adult contemporary fantasy, standalone, and this would be my second draft of this novel

Goblin Market
Mizzy has been a refugee since her infant years. She lives in the goblin district of New York City, interacts mainly with other goblins, and has never considered breaking the US’s many statutes about magical creatures. One night, she’s goaded into a small act of rebellion, and with that act, Mizzy’s life is upended. Now she’s on the run from both the US government and black marketeers intent on stealing her magic. Her community of goblins won’t help her, and she finds herself surrounded by creatures of all sorts, refugee and native. Each were in hiding, and together, their collective knowledge might help them escape, or might reveal a truth none of them could have discovered alone.

Notes: fantasy (could be YA or adult at this point), probably standalone, and this would be a first draft.

So what do y’all think? Any of these catch your eye?

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5 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Something New

  1. Very cool ideas! My vote is for Winter’s Son.


  2. Very cool ideas! My vote is for Winter’s Son.


  3. Natalie says:

    Winter’s Son and I want to read it now!


  4. Shaina says:

    I vote Winter’s Son as well! 🙂


  5. Amanda says:

    Ha! Seems I should work on Winter’s Son. 😀


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