Sunday Coffee – Christmas

IMG_3744<– My new mug and stainless steel French press!!!

I love this time of year. Last year, in Boston, it was incredibly sad – there was a single Christmas for us, only one place to be: our house. My family is all about Christmas after Christmas after Christmas, making the rounds through all the extended family. This year, Christmas lasted through six separate parties, starting on the 23rd with my sister’s family. I got to see people that I haven’t seen since we moved to Massachusetts in August 2014 and meet my other sister’s fiance for the first time. There was cheesy Christmas music and Pee-Wee’s Christmas Special and gluten-free sugar cookies that fell apart completely and a pile of presents ravaged by an eight-month-old kitten. It was glorious.

hot chocolateChristmas #1: Dinner and gifts at my house for my sister’s family who had to return to the Dallas area on the 24th. Favorite moment: My cousin Jen popped over to get some powdered sugar, and the whole family waited for her in the front yard in frozen living statue poses. 12/23/15

IMG_3676Interlude: Holiday book swap package arrived! There was some trouble with the post office on this one, but the package from Allie made it to me on the perfect morning, and everything in it was lovely, from the books to the game to the mint Doves that I can’t find in my area anymore! Thank you so much, Allie!! 12/24/15

IMG_3696Christmas #2: Christmas Eve luncheon with my dad’s side of the family, hosted by my aunt and uncle. Favorite moment: all the crazy hats and masks we wore while opening gifts. 12/24/15

IMG_3701Christmas #3: A mini-Christmas, really; tradition brought over from Jason’s side of the family of opening a single present right before bed on Christmas Eve. Favorite moment: my new weighted blanket (above). 12/24/15

gav in chairChristmas #4: Christmas morning. This is baseline for us. No matter how many celebrations, we always have Christmas morning at home, with stockings and chocolate Santas under pillows and opening gifts one by one in a circle, youngest to oldest. This is the only celebration we had last year. Favorite moment: Gavroche climbing into the chair we got Ambrose and trying to sleep there. 12/25/15

IMG_3712Christmas #5: Christmas morning, part 2. After our home presents and stockings are open, we head over to my mom’s house, where growing up, I always had Christmas morning part 1. This is really an extension of the previous party, and we do the same: open gifts in a circle, youngest to oldest. Plus tamales. Favorite moment: my new Marauder’s Map coffee mug (see top). 12/25/15

last christmasChristmas #6: Christmas evening dinner at my dad’s house, where we opened the rest of the gifts, had good food, and talked around a lovely outdoor fire. Favorite moment: meeting my sister’s fiance for the first time. 12/25/15

Note: You’ll notice that there is no Christmas listed for the extended family on my mom’s side. We used to try to squish it in on Christmas afternoon, but now, we wait and have that celebration on the 31st, when we have a big bonfire out on my grandmother’s ranch. So technically, there are more than six celebrations this year. Ha! Six is good enough for this post, though! I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well.

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3 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Christmas

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! That sounds…exhausting. I like my one Christmas holiday with my husband and kids. Anything more than that tends to make me want to hide. Then again, I am not close to my parents and brother, and the introvert in me shies away completely from my VERY extroverted in-laws. I am glad you were able to enjoy the holiday again this year. No matter how we celebrate it, that is the most important thing.


    • Amanda says:

      Heh, well, I’m extroverted and grew up in a gigantic family full of cousins and aunts and uncles, so I only get to see everyone a few times a year. After it’s all done, I spend a couple days recovering from all the TRAVEL (because it’s very difficult for me to leave the house, even if it’s not difficult to be in the place I end up when I do).


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