Sunday Coffee – A Decade of Rowling

IMG_3571July 2005. Half Blood Prince has just been released, and I’ve still never read Harry Potter. Jason comes home one day, arms laden with HP volumes and a tale of his sister twisting his arm to read them. Okay, okay, I’ll read them, too…just so I can say, “See? I don’t like Harry Potter!”

Famous last words, right?

I became obsessed. Over the next year, I read those six books about a dozen times each. If I hadn’t been moving from Wisconsin to Texas, living out of others’ homes for six months, and then transitioning to full-time stay at home mom (to three boys aged five-and-under), I probably wouldn’t have gone full-on obsessed. But I did, and in the years following, I reread the HP series nearly every year.

Recently, I realized that ten years had passed since that first racing gallop through Harry’s world. And while I haven’t read the series every single one of those ten years, I have read Rowling every single year, right up to my recent finish of Career of Evil. Seven HP books, plus three auxiliaries; one standalone literary novel, and three crime-fiction books under a pseudonym. So far, she’s written nothing I’ve disliked. In fourteen books. Which is kinda amazing.

It’s my decade of Rowling. A celebration of the author I’ve probably read most from (counting rereads) in my adult life. (Possibly in all my life.) Cheers to Rowling. I lift my coffee mug to her!

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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – A Decade of Rowling

  1. I have yet to read the auxiliaries, the crime fiction series or the literary novel (probably won’t on that one but will on the crime fiction more likely). I was late to the HP party too. I only read the first one years ago and then realized when the second part of the last movie was due to come out later that year, that I hadn’t read the others. So I made a project of reading the rest and watching the movies after each one. The year ended with the final one. That was a very good year and I still prefer the books to the movies.


  2. I realized recently that it has been SO LONG since I last re-read the HP series and that I definitely need to revisit the books. Tony & I have slowly been re-watching the films, which has been delightful, and I started reading Philosopher’s Stone in Spanish as an attempt to try to improve my language learning there. I figure these books would be a perfect candidate for foreign-language reading practice as I’ve read them each at least three times (and some, far more than that), but it is still very taxing on the old noggin. So, so nice to return to Harry’s world though; Rowling’s books always bring me such joy!


    • Amanda says:

      I agree, that can be very taxing! I read them in French back in 2011 (I think) and it took me six weeks to get through the first book. It got faster and easier as I went along, though, and by the fourth book, I was reading without translated in my head mostly, which of course sped things up cnsiderably. Of course, I’d read the series like 25 times each, ha, perhaps even more than that, so I really had it memorized. Still, I tried to read it in the French and not just knowing what it said because I knew what it said, you know?


  3. gricel says:

    I feel like this is the year that I’m going to re-read them. I think it’s been at least 6 years since I last picked up my collection and I’m starting to lose the details—-perfect time to experience it anew.


    • Amanda says:

      I’m honestly not sure I’ll ever lose the details, given how many times I’ve read these books. Still, it’s wonderful and go back and re-experience from time to time.


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