KonMari Round Two

My first round of the KonMari tidying process took three months, July through September. By the time I was done, I knew I would need a second round, because I’d learned a lot about myself and my stuff since then. It wouldn’t be quite as extensive a round, and not all categories would need to be gone over again (especially under komono). Luckily, just as I was thinking about how to approach Round Two, I stumbled upon Marie Kondo’s Instagram feed, where she’d just done an online weekly follow-along session over about three months, with much more detailed steps about categories along the way. Perfect. I didn’t plan to take another three months, of course, but I still followed along with the Instagram order.

1. Clothes
Honestly, this was the biggest redo for me, given that I was the least experienced during this portion of the first round. I’d made the safe-vs-loved discovery since then, and wanted another go at my wardrobe. Once again, my clothes ended up on a pile on the floor, with the intention to divide them into loved, safe, and donate. After that, I would separate out the loved pile into those that fit now and those that didn’t fit. Perhaps Kondo would say I shouldn’t keep any that don’t fit, but the majority of clothes fall into that category these days, and I love so many of them. I do want and plan to wear them again! I decided that I wouldn’t keep any safe/necessary clothes that were too small.

38 round2 clothes

In the end, I was surprised by how many clothes ended up in my “loved” pile. I expected more in the “safe” pile, but it turned out that there were very few of these, and none in the too-small category. Apparently I did a more thorough job than I realized the first time through! I did still end up with a single donate bag (which went off to charity). Folding/storing the clothes was easy, then, with my current-fits going into the dresser, and the too small being split into two easy-access bins (“too small” and “way too small”) under my bed. For hang-up clothes, instead of integrating all sizes as I did the first time, I split them into three sections, with the way-too-small being the furthest back. I’d found that with all the sizes integrated, I’d had a hard time remembering what did/didn’t currently fit, and so ignored my closet completely. Now, it’s much easier to access what I want!

39 round2 clothes

Note: I’ve acquired more clothes sense those bare drawers pictured, and have lots more loved clothes in the currently-fits category now! This will remain an ongoing process.

2-4. Books; Paper; CDs & DVDs
Books were easy. I over-culled last time already, and there wasn’t a single book I wanted to donate. Yes, I still went through them one by one, taking them off the shelf first and putting them back on after handling each of them. Similarly, paper was easy. Actually, paper was pretty non-existent. Other than going through my (upright) daily paper tray, I mostly focused on e-docs. I didn’t really do any computer work when I KonMari-ed before, so that was a bigger focus this time. E-docs went with paper. E-music (aka iTunes) went with CDs/DVDs. Last time, I got rid of the music/movies I didn’t want, physically, but didn’t take the time to get rid of their virtual counterparts. Note: CDs & DVDs are the first of six komono (miscellaneous) categories laid out in Kondo’s weekly follow-along.

10 garage sales 15. Makeup, skincare, accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, purses, bags, etc)
Done. Makeup and skincare was pretty much done already. I don’t keep a lot of it around, and only the things I’ll actually use. As for accessories, I’m minimal to begin with. Ended up giving up a couple hats that didn’t fit quite right, and that’s it. Ironically, that old, discolored purse I’d been carrying around for years? It got thrown out, but I now have a half-dozen new-to-me purses gathered from thrift stores and garage sales. Plus some new hats like the one in this pic. I adore thrift stores and garage sales.

6-7. Valuables, electronics, appliances; Household stuff, hobby stuff, stationary, school/office supplies, sewing stuff, sporting goods, craft supplies, game stuff
Funny that with eleven categories, this actually fits into two of Kondo’s weekly follow-along. This is the category that was the most difficult for me to deal with, because it’s so broad. I put it off for a long time, then wrote down every mini-category and systematically went through my space, rather than categories. As I’ve said before, I can’t exactly KonMari the entire house, with four other people living here, but I do have some household say, as one of two parents. So I worked through the things in my room/space, then expanded…and regardless of this being a broadly-focused category, it was actually fairly simple to tidy, because I did such a good job with it last time. Yay! Got rid of a small handful of things, but mostly, I was already done.

8-9. Kitchenware & food; Supplies (medicine, cleaning, tissues), spare change, home decor, pet stuff, holiday stuff, outdoor stuff, any other miscellaneous
The kitchen is Jason’s domain. Other than making sure everything is still in the place we designated it, I left kitchen and food alone. The other stuff was much like my previous paragraph, mostly already done. The exception was the stuff left out in the garage, which I mentioned before was off-limits during Round 1. This time, I could go through pet stuff, holiday stuff, outdoor stuff, tools, car stuff, and other garage-miscellaneous. Most of this was Jason’s, honestly, or the boys’ stuff, so other than a few things, there wasn’t much for me to do! Garage as not as organized as I would like it, but the only thing out there that I have any connection to is holiday stuff, so I’m letting J keep it in his kind of order. 🙂

10-11. Photos; Gifts, journals, letters, & all other sentimental items
Week 10 is devoted solely to photos, but I needed far more than a week in this category. I said above that clothes was my biggest redo. Photos, however, are my biggest category in round two. So big, in fact, that I came to realize it would be a post all to itself. (Sorry!) So that’s a post for next week. As for other sentimental items, I’d done a pretty good job on this last time. There was only one thing I really wanted to revisit, and that was journals. I let go of all my journals pre-1999 during the last round, but had over a dozen since then, and I didn’t know if I needed them all.

shelvesJournals are hard for me to let go of, though. Some contain really wonderful memories and mementos. Others contain records of some of the hardest times in my life. In a way, just chucking them all makes me feel like keeping a journal at all is pointless, and it certainly isn’t. I really need to remember the KonMari philosophy – that sometimes the purpose of something is in the doing, not in the keeping afterwards. This, however, will take some time and effort on my part. Far longer than a few weeks or months. This is one thing I know I could be too hasty about, and I want to be very, very sure before I toss journals.

I did, however, put them and my other sentimental items out on a new wicker shelf in my room, and it makes me happy to see all my Build-a-Bears, My Little Ponies, special gifts, knickknacks, journals, yearbooks, childhood attachments, and other mementos spread out like this, with plenty of room to grow. It’s the first thing I see upon walking into my room, and makes me smile. 🙂

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