Top Ten Series Quit

Today’s is an interesting topic, based on anything bookish you’ve “quit” (interpret how you like). I decided to focus on series today. This isn’t about series that I read one book for and never continued, but series I read a good deal into before deciding it wasn’t (or was no longer) for me.

a-game-of-thrones1. A Song of Fire and Ice (George RR Martin) – I loved the first two books of this series, but when I finally got around to the third, I was bored out of my mind. I thought maybe it was just the specific book. Unfortunately, I tried reading the fourth book with the same effect, and gave up partway through.

2. The Lynburn Legacy (Sarah Rees Brennan) – Perhaps I should have stopped reading after the first book, because I wasn’t expecting too much from the second. I got exactly what I expected from the second, and never went to the third. Just not for me.

3. Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) – Honestly, I didn’t mind the first book. The second book was beyond offensive for me on certain points, though, and I never read on. Never saw the movies (any of them) either. The Host, however, is one of my faves!

Beautiful-creatures-book-cover-image4. The Caster Chronicles (Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl) – As with many of these series, this was a loved-the-first, disliked-the-next situation. I tried reading the third but decided it wasn’t worth it for me.

5. Wicked Lovely (Melissa Marr) – Again. Loved the first two, couldn’t stand the third, never went past that.

6. The Immortals (Alyson Noel) – Honestly, I think I just outgrew this series. I read the first two, and enjoyed them both immensely. Then my reading mood changed and I never went back. I barely remember those first two, so I’m unlikely to revisit.

7. Chaos Walking (Patrick Ness) – I’m probably the only book blogger out there who has never enjoyed a single book I’ve read by Ness. This makes me very sad, and I keep trying him. The first in this series kept me reading, and I thought I liked it…until I started reading the second and realized I was dreading every page.

A-Discovery-of-Witches-13505968. All Souls Trilogy (Deborah Harkness) – I wasn’t quite sold on the first book, but liked it enough to continue. Unfortunately, I got halfway through the very long second book and abandoned it. Just not for me.

9. Flavia de Luce (Alan Bradley) – This series was always very hit-or-miss for me, and when I started reading the fifth book, I realized I wasn’t interested in continuing any longer, and so I haven’t.

10. Thursday Next (Jasper Fforde) – I feel a little bad putting this one here, because it’s possible in the future that I’ll take it up again. I do like Fforde, and I loved the first two Thursday Next books. However, no matter how many different times and formats I tried The Well of Lost Plots, I couldn’t make it more than a quarter of the way in. Honestly, I think I just need some time away from Fforde, and will hopefully go back into the series one day with a fresh perspective. I really do want to continue this one.

What about all of you? Do you quit a series even if you’ve read a huge chunk of it? Which series have you abandoned?


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7 Responses to Top Ten Series Quit

  1. Trisha says:

    Thursday Next is definitely on my list as well, and I really don’t know why. I enjoyed all of the installments I read, but I just never pick up the fourth. A Song of Fire and Ice I love but I just can’t commit to the time required to read the fourth. 🙂 Another one for me is The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency which I really enjoyed the first two, but quit after that.


    • Amanda says:

      I never got into the No. 1 detective series thingy. I heard good things, but mysteries just aren’t for me, I think? Not often enough to read a series, anyway.


  2. I read A Discovery of Witches and Beautiful Creatures, but I wasn’t interested enough to continue.

    Check out my TTT.


  3. Great list. A Song of Fire and Ice is one of those series that I want to read someday. The books are so huge that I’m afraid of them. They’ll take me forever to get through.


  4. Kristen M. says:

    I am trying to think of series that I quit later rather than just after the first book. There was the Doc Ford series by Randy Wayne White. The plots were nearly identical and after like a dozen books I knew there were better ways to spend my time. I’ll have to think of more …


  5. I have The Knife of Never Letting Go on my TBR, I hope I enjoy it more than you did.
    My TTT:


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