Sunday Coffee – Comment Issues

IMG_2040After an extremely rough week emotionally and a few nights of very little/poor sleep, I don’t have much to bring to the table for this morning’s Sunday Coffee. I thought I’d take a quick moment, then, to address a WordPress problem I’ve had over the last few weeks. Perhaps some of you have experienced this, and might know how to fix it?

I first noticed a few weeks ago that there were comments on my posts that I hadn’t seen before. I’d received no email notifications that they’d arrived. They weren’t sitting in spam or anything. They published as usual. They just didn’t send me notifications. At first, I thought it was just from a specific commenter, because all the missing notifications came from one account (I thought). Then it started happening to all my commenters. It wasn’t unusual for a person to leave a series of comments on different posts and for me to only get notifications for half. I started having to check the comments portion of my dashboard instead of the posts themselves. And while this is doable, it’s also irritating, because I usually don’t respond to comments for a few days, and the new method causes me to get confused and skip/miss comments.

Is this anything that you’ve dealt with? I honestly don’t know if it’s a problem with WordPress or my gmail account…

leggingsI did have one fun story for the week. Remember how I was just talking about dressing for invisibility? This past Friday, I was dressed in black shorts and a grey shirt. Plain. Safe. That evening, I felt a little chilly (my cold has lingered on for nearly two weeks now…), so instead of getting a blanket, I put on some leggings under my shorts. It was quite 80s-chic – and I hate the 80s – but it was very comfortable, and I had no plans to go out again that evening. The boys and I were just having a night of popcorn and NCIS reruns.

Then some of the boys’ friends came over to ask if they could go outside to play, and I popped outside to talk to them while the boys got on their shoes. I totally forgot what I was wearing until I got back inside, and then I couldn’t stop giggling about it. Then again, the kids that were over were at that middle-school super-scrutinizing age/attitude, and they didn’t seem to notice, either. So it was kinda fun, and I might just do this more often as “fall” turns slightly more fall-like (ie. gets below 90 degrees). 😀

Now I’m off with the fam! Today is Siclovia, which I haven’t had a chance to attend in a few years. Hopefully the temps stay somewhat decent. Cross your fingers for us! 🙂

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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Comment Issues

  1. Michelle says:

    I love the fact that leggings are back. In fact, I am trying to find excuses to wear them as often as possible. Under dresses, skirts, tunics, anything. Put on a pair of Chucks or Doc Martens, and just bring back the 90s. Hallelujah!


    • Amanda says:

      Yes, bring back the 90s! I’ll be totally happy for that style to come back. I rarely wear dresses/skirts/tunics, but I’m trying to find some I’m comfortable in because of leggings, ha! I wish they were still selling the capris-length ones though because it’s still too hot here for the regular kind!


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