Top Ten Most Read Authors

I adore today’s topic! When I first read it, I wrote down all the authors I thought I’d read the most books from, and then I went back through Goodreads to tally actual numbers. For the most part, I was right, though there are some authors I’d forgotten completely, and others that I hadn’t read as much from as I’d thought. Then I wasn’t sure if I should count a series as a single book or as individual books (ie does Harry Potter count as one or seven? And does it count as more than that since I’ve read the British versions and the French translations?). In the end, this is what I came up with, in order from least to most read:

10. David Levithan (8) – He wasn’t on my initial list of thoughts, because half of his count are co-authored. Favorite: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (co-authored)

Mockingjay9. Suzanne Collins (8) – The Hunger Games trilogy and the Gregor books. Feels weird to count each of them separately, but they do add up to eight books. I wonder what she’ll come up with next. Favorite: Mockingjay

8. Neil Gaiman (9) – Considering I didn’t even like Gaiman when I first read him, I’m surprised he ended up in my top ten most read! Favorite: Good Omens (co-authored)

7. Virginia Woolf (9) – Woolf was one of my first classics favorites. I’ve still got tons by her to read, and books by her that I don’t understand a word of, but I adore her. Favorite: Mrs. Dalloway

mistborn16. Brandon Sanderson (12) – Now, with Mr. Sanderson, I expected him to be much higher up on the list. I certainly own more books by him than any other author. But I suppose I have yet to read his entire oeuvre, so this number will only grow. Favorite: I cannot pick just one. Probably a good half of these twelve are “favorites.” Instead, I’ll just say Mistborn: The Final Empire, because as my first Sanderson, I have a soft spot for it.

5. JK Rowling (13) – I knew Rowling would be here, but I wondered how to calculate her books, given all the different versions I’ve read. In the end, I decided to count all versions of the same book as one, but to also count the books she’s written under the Galbraith brand. Favorite: HP3 and HP6 (no, can’t pick just one!)

Howl4. Diana Wynne Jones (13) – I’m not sure why Jones didn’t pop into my head immediately. I read sooooo many of her books in 2012. Favorite: Howl’s Moving Castle

3. Vladimir Nabokov (14) – Oh Nabokov, how I both love and hate you. I probably disliked half of the books I’ve read by you, and yet I can’t stop reading, because there are some real gems…and why is it that when I write about Nabokov, I always write to Nabokov?? Favorite: Lolita (especially on audio!)

2. Scott Westerfeld (15) – I didn’t think of Westerfeld initially, probably because if I counted series books as one, his count would be roughly a third of this number. Favorite: Pretties

1. William Somerset Maugham (16) – I am happy to find that the man who taught me to love books again as an adult made it into the number one spot! He is not always a perfect writer, but I do love his work so much. Favorite: Mrs. Craddock, Theatre, and The Painted Veil (can’t pick one!)

Runners-up include Maureen Johnson and Emile Zola, both with 7 books to their credit. Also, I need to mention Stephen King, because I read a whole slew of his books when I was about 14 years old. I estimate he’d be around 8 books, but I honestly can’t remember which I fully read and which I only started or read pieces of, so I didn’t want to include him in the count.


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6 Responses to Top Ten Most Read Authors

  1. Trish says:

    And I skipped this topic because I rarely read so many books by the same author! Stephen King is the exception and it still seems totally crazy that I’ve been reading so many of his books. I didn’t even realize that some of these authors wrote so many books!

    Rowling would also make my list…though only for the Harry Potter books. I have been wanting to listen to the Galbraith books on audio, though.


    • Amanda says:

      Ooh, if you do try those on audio, I hope you review them, or at least email me – I’d love to know what the narration is like. I love Tana French’s novels on audio and I imagine it would be the same for Galbraith, but I haven’t tried them.


  2. Shaina says:

    I’m with Trish—it’s a rarity for me too, though I did end up doing the topic! It was fun to see which authors I *had* read multiple books from. 😉

    And yet another reminder that I NEED to get to Howl’s Moving Castle!!


  3. Carrie says:

    I have never read Stephen King lol. I think I am the only one remaining on Planet Earth 😉
    My TTT


    • Amanda says:

      I imagine that if my mom hadn’t had a ton of his books, and I’d had other options besides Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High as a teen, I probably would never have read anything by him either!

      Liked by 1 person

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