Where They Found Her, by Kimberly McCreight

where foundWhen Molly is assigned to investigate a murder for the local newspaper, she doesn’t expect the victim to be a newborn, embroiling her in memories of her miscarriage two years before and the depression that followed.

I read Reconstructing Amelia last year, and while it was okay, it didn’t end up being my favorite book. However, this new book by McCreight seemed like a good second-try kind of book, and indeed, I was immediately swept up into the story. The book alternates between the perspectives of three women, and a whole mass of once-buried mysteries gets dredged up with this body.

As far as thrillers go, I mostly enjoyed this one. Like I said, it was fast-paced, and the various mysteries were woven together well. I slowly came to recognize many of the truths not long before they were revealed, so they weren’t too obvious but also not too opaque, which I think is a perfect combo. In fact, I would have been all prepared to shout about what a great book this was, except there were a few things about the ending that felt…too much. It felt like a few characters were sacrificed for the sake of surprise, and the way they were sacrificed didn’t sit well with me. Still, the book was an improvement over Amelia, and for someone who doesn’t read or enjoy a whole lot of thrillers, I can say it’s one of the better ones I’ve read. I enjoyed (most) of my time with it.

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2 Responses to Where They Found Her, by Kimberly McCreight

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m glad you think it is better than Reconstructing Amelia. I liked that one but wasn’t blown away by it. I have this one waiting for me to read. I’ll look forward to it a bit more now!


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