Ten Fun Vacation Things

Second week in a row when the Top Ten Tuesday topic doesn’t really work for me, so instead, I’m going to recap the recent four-day visit I had from my very good friend Stephanie! In no particular order, my top ten favorite things from this visit:

1. A couple mornings, we went to Great Harvest Bread to get breakfast, very delicious breakfast consisting of scones, muffins, and iced coffee…mmm…

19 cabots2. I also got to introduce Stephanie to the wonders of Cabot’s, where the desserts are monstrous. This sundae is a small. No joke.

3. On our first night, Stephanie and I played Cards Against Humanity with the boys. That was just way too much fun.

4. Ash, our six-year-old cat, adopted Stephanie the moment she arrived, and pretty much spent the trip teaching her how to sit so that he could be most comfortable in her lap. He does this thing where if you’re not sitting properly, he’ll perch awkwardly to show you what you’re doing wrong. He was quite satisfied to get her sitting “right” by the end of the trip.

04 beer samples5. We explored a newly opened craft beer shop, and one evening went to Brewer’s Coalition, where they have a lovely beer sampler: four five-ounce samples for $10, chosen from any of the twenty beers they have on tap that night. My favorite was the O’Hara’s Irish stout. I really like darker beers.

6. The weather was so nice for this trip, most of the time anyway. On our first full day, to walk off some of that monstrous sundae pictured above, we took a long walk to the library, and spent some time exploring there.

7. Stephanie got to make a Mii for herself on our Wii, as well as an alter-ego (of sorts), which consisted only of dots for various facial features. I was quite giggly on Chardonnay at the time, so it was a high-laughter kind of night. Another night, we were all giggly on Mario-Cart…

20 painting8. We painted at The Paint Bar, and went totally off script, working a Texas flag and Texas wildflowers into a Boston skyline on the Charles River. Ha! I love this step-by-step painting thing. Kinda addicted.

9. We explored a new-to-me part of Boston one day, seeking out a pizza place that Stephanie’s dad insisted we visit. It was, indeed, very good pizza.

10. Our goodbye wasn’t sad at all, because we know we’ll be seeing each other again soon. Stephanie is coming for a second visit next week, when we’re traveling up to New Hampshire together for a conference she’s presenting at! In fact, between my San Antonio vacation in the last week of March, and these two visits from Stephanie, we’ve actually gotten to see each other thrice in a single month! Woohoo!

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3 Responses to Ten Fun Vacation Things

  1. Shaina says:

    Yay! You got so much fun in this week. 🙂 It’s great to see you so happy.

    Hope you enjoy New Hampshire!


  2. whatsheread says:

    That sundae looks Ah-ma-zing! I now want a sundae. Yay for good friends and fun visits!


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