Sunday Coffee – New Reads

IMG_8853I’m home! After eight days in San Antonio, I’m back in Newton with my family (I missed my guys so much!). Not taking too much time to blog this morning, but one thing happened while I was gone that I wanted to talk about.

Twice during my visit, I went to bookstores, both new and used. While there, I realized just how out of sync I am with the book world these days. I follow many book blogs that I’ve been following for years, but many of them no longer post so much about books. For a long time, that hasn’t affected my knowledge of what’s come out and what’s around, because the San Antonio library system had a Wowbrary feed, and I could see new acquisitions (with little snippets describing them) every Saturday morning. I kept up that way. The Newton library system doesn’t use Wowbrary or any other feed, and so my source for new info has dried up.

I suppose I could just resubscribe to the San Antonio feeds, as I’ll be back in San Antonio in six months anyway. It was just a shock to come across so many books I’d never even heard of. I took pictures of quite a few of them so I could add them to my “to investigate” shelf on GoodReads now that I’m home. I know I missed tons, though. It’s hard to believe how much I’ve missed just in the last 4-5 months. Even if I wasn’t interested in the books being released, I had at least heard of many of them.

So I have to ask – other than adding new book blogs to my blog reader, how else would y’all recommend I keep up? How do you find out about books these days?

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3 Responses to Sunday Coffee – New Reads

  1. Jeanne says:

    Our public library has a little newspaper you can pick up when you go in.


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