Sunday Coffee – Tagging Fun

IMG_8680I am currently in San Antonio, visiting friends and family on a much-needed personal vacation. I’m currently sipping coffee at my mom’s house in a mug that isn’t mine (pic to the left is from a few days ago), and enjoying the fact that it’s 20-40 degrees warmer than back in the Boston area. There are probably Christmas songs playing, or a Hallmark Christmas movie on in the background. The cats and chickens are vying for my attention.

I am nowhere near a computer to write up a blog post, nor do I want to take time to blog out of the short week I have back home, so I have drafted this in advance and pre-scheduled it to post. (Hopefully it does so. I don’t always have luck with this kind of thing.)

So. Tags. If you look to my sidebar on the right, all the tags I use to mark up my posts are there. This is one thing that, in going back and forth between WordPress and Blogger over the years, I really love about WordPress. Categories and Tags are kept separate. This allows me to indulge my ordered, organizational side with Categories, and my playful, whimsical side with Tags. Some of my Tags are fairly normal (historical, classics, favorite, audio, etc), and then there are the not-as-normal (ie fun things).

I have Tags for each continent/part of the world, instead of a broader “world lit” grouping. Books marked “memorable” are the ones that have stuck around in my head, be that good or bad. I’ve marked all the RIPish books for future reference (RIP-worthy), all the books that made me bawl or pulled me to pieces in some way (shredded me), the books dealing with death and afterlife and religion (divinity), familiar or soft quiet books (comfort), books that revolve in some way around food/eating (food), etc. Tags make up my own personal little narrative, and there are a few that were so much fun to name and use: “dream invader” for those rare books that enter my dreams (positive or not), “circus horror” for the Coraline-type books, “portentous” for those books I could just feel the doom from page one, “WTF moments” for those books that were…um…weird.

This was my favorite part of rebuilding The Zen Leaf from the ground up. Transferring 700+ reviews from a private location one by one? That becomes exhausting really quickly, even as it can be fun to read through old reviews. The tagging added a little levity to the task, and helped me to get it done without feeling too drained by the end!


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