A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin


Second book in the series, following A Game of Thrones.

Well, this book pretty much just continued the first one, with the addition of new characters. It’s all about war and a split up of a unified country. More people died – though really, the only major character who died was Renly, and he was never THAT major – and more lived than expected. Some of the ones who DID die (hem, Theon), I’m glad they did. Theon’s plotline seemed superfluous and stupid.

Little things:

– Danys’ sections were incredibly dull. I hope she gets a better plotline in the next book.

– I really like the Hound and hope he comes back.

– The Lannisters are still bastards. I know Catelyn didn’t kill Jaime when she asked for Brienne’s sword, but I do wish she had.

– The Lady of Light is messed up, and that scene with the pregnant birthing of a shadow was hair-raisingly creepy.

– Arya’s life seemed pretty pointless here, too, but her plotline was interesting to read. I think she was smart not to trust Roose Bolton with her identity. I’m looking forward to getting to know Gendry better, and I hope they all make it to Riverrun.

– I experienced my first disappointment in Martin, when I thought Bran and Rickon had died with no scene to show it. It felt…dishonest, or anticlimactic, or something. But then it turned out to be a twist, and they weren’t dead, so that was okay. It was a strange feeling, though. So far, Martin hasn’t let me down. I don’t mind characters being killed off, but I want them to get the dignity they’re worth when it happens. I don’t want it to feel gratuitous in writing, as well as in life.

– Sometimes I forget that this takes place in a magical world, and then something will surprise me. I keep thinking there will be an explanation, and then some lady squats and births a shadow that kills someone. Yeah…

– I really dislike Littlefinger.

– I’m coming to like Tyrion more and more.

This isn’t really a review, but a bit of fragments. I always did have trouble reviewing a second book in a series. I did enjoy this one, though a hair less than the first, probably because there seemed to be a few pointless plotlines, plus the temporary disappointment. Also: every person’s plotline pretty much ended on a cliffhanger, so there wasn’t any closure here like in the first book. That DOES bother me. On the other hand, this book was much faster to read than the first.

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