Perfect Ruin, by Lauren Destefano

17339241Major spoilers.

Young adult fantasy dystopia. Morgan lives on Internment, a floating city in the sky. Everything there is rigidly controlled, but relatively peaceful. The only problem is the Edge, which lures people to it, and often they’ll jump. Jumping off the edge doesn’t work – it causes injuries and disabilities, sometimes death, but the jumper will remain on Internment. Morgan doesn’t question any of this – even though her older brother became a jumper three years ago – until a girl near her age is found murdered on the train tracks one afternoon.

Fascinating book. I loved the writing from the beginning, and I couldn’t wait to find out the truth of this world. The idea of a floating city that doesn’t let people leave was just so ridiculous, so completely fantastical. It couldn’t be real. It had to be something – anything from a section of the world manipulated to look like it was floating in the sky, to a Matrix-like situation. (That latter one, heh, was even obliquely referenced!) But then, in the last quarter of the book, everything went wacky, and Morgan and Pen end up kidnapped by the King’s kids, getting away, and then they all go to the ground after all. Book ends with them getting off the spacecraft on the ground, being told to halt by whoever is there to meet them.

WTF? They definitely aren’t on Internment anymore, and they flew down from the sky, watching it out the windows, so…I guess they really were in the sky? And it’s a trilogy, of course, so I don’t know yet.

I can’t decide if I’m intrigued or so disappointed that I don’t want to read the next book. I’m glad there wasn’t a love triangle or anything – there was hints that there might be – and I’m really hoping the series doesn’t devolve. I’m not sure I want to read further. But maybe I do? Not sure.

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