More Than This, by Patrick Ness

morethanthisMajor spoilers.

Seth dies. He remembers dying, but then he wakes up in a strange place that’s sort of familiar, but also not. The world seems to be dead and empty, and he wonders if this is his own personal hell. Every time he falls asleep, he dreams of the things that led up to his death, like nightmares that he can’t control.

At first glance, the book appears to be about someone who has died and who is sorting out their life and dealing with their death and their grief and their loss. It was an interesting book, filled with only a single character in the present, but multiple characters sketched out in memories. There were interesting plot developments in the past, and I loved that the world was completely dead, and that Seth was having to survive alone.

That was Part I. Then I got to Part II, and suddenly, it was like I’d dived into a version of the Matrix. I mean, except for the fact that people were living in coffins instead of pods, it was pretty much exactly like the Matrix. I kept hoping, all the way to the last page, that it would be something better, but no. So disappointing. The first part of the book was so interesting, and then it just turned into some action-adventure book with some pseudo-philosophy about death, dying, and loneliness thrown in every once in awhile. That just ruined the book for me. Boo.

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