Under the Light, by Laura Whitcomb


Helen and James have left Jenny and Billy’s bodies, while Jenny and Billy have both returned. But Helen comes back, guilty about the mess she left behind in Jenny’s life. She’s determined to help Jenny readjust to her life again.

This is the sequel to A Certain Slant of Light.

I enjoyed A Certain Slant of Light, but I read it so long ago that I barely remembered it. Still, when the sequel popped up at the library, I decided to give it a chance. The sequel was, as I’d expected, not as good, but it was still an okay read. I’ll list out good and bad points.

Good: I didn’t remember much of the first book, and this book reintroduced me to all the characters and story without me ever feeling lost. I don’t know if it would feel repetitive if I’d read the two back to back, but going in the way I did, this was good.

Bad: The Helen sections were incredibly boring. They seemed like an excuse to show part of the story from first person POV (Jenny) and third person POV (Helen). I would have rather just had Jenny’s after-story without the Helen-related interruptions. I saw no point to the Helen sections.

Good: I liked the development of Billy and Jenny’s relationship.

Bad: Their spiritual relationship when they were both out of body was very farfetched and too quick.

Good: The book was fast-paced and easy to read in a single gulp.

Bad: It was way too short, and left out too many details. Too surface-level.

Good: I loved seeing Jenny progress throughout the book, though I did find some parts stilted.

Bad: Helen’s dialogue and speaking was so stilted and fake-old-fashioned, it drove me crazy. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice that in the first book. (Or maybe I did and just don’t remember.) (Or maybe it was just done better in the first book.)

Would I read a third installment, should one ever come out? Not sure. This book left a little bit of Helen’s story open, and I really don’t want to read any more of her part. And a lot of Jenny’s resolution ended a bit too neatly. (Dad just walks away? Exorcism group just lets her go? Yeah…) The book was a fun read, but very, very shallow, and I’m just not sure it would be worth reading another volume. Maybe, if I just needed something to fill my time.

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