Into the Darkest Corner, by Elizabeth Haynes

darkestcornerMy feelings about this book are very mixed. On the one hand, it was well written and I certainly couldn’t put it down after I picked it up, and I really liked the way it wrapped up. I loved the premise, and I love psychological dramas/thrillers. On the other hand, I felt like either 1) the book description was a bit misleading, or 2) the main character was unbelievably blind, and therefore less sympathetic to me. The book description describes Cathy’s boyfriend Lee as the first decent guy she’s met in a while, but from the very first time she meets him, he displays blatant psychopathic behavior. He’s violent – or violently passionate, and sometimes both – from the very beginning. I’m not sure how Cathy ever thought he was a nice or decent guy.

It didn’t help that Cathy herself was not someone I could sympathize with. She was the sort of person who spends all her time clubbing, drinking, doing incredibly stupid things while knowing they are incredibly stupid. I flat-out didn’t like her in the past sections, and since I didn’t connect with her then, it was hard to feel any connection with her in the present sections, despite the fact that she should have been a very sympathetic character.

In the end, I think if I could have connected with Cathy, this book would have worked more for me. Since I didn’t, I doubt I’ll even remember the book after a few months. :/

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