The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, by Multiple Authors

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories has been all over the book blogs for the last few months. It looked adorable, and I kept waiting for a copy to show up in my library’s system. It never did, though, and so with some of my birthday money, I got myself a copy.

For anyone who might not have heard of this book, it’s a collection that pairs artwork and flash fiction. It is the first volume in what will eventually be three, from what I can tell. To give some examples of the stories within:

doctor egg fate

This was a really cute book. Some of the stories were funny, some touching, some bizarre, some sad, some eye-rolling. I didn’t realize before I got my own copy that there were multiple contributors, so that the artwork and writing styles would be different all throughout the book. That of course meant that I liked some better than others, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It felt like there was a good spread in here, and that most people could find something that appealed them.

tinyI love the idea of pairing art and words. It’s why I started reading graphic novels a few years ago, and eventually discovered that the ones I really enjoyed were more like illustrated novels than comics. This is the first story collection I’ve read that was illustrated, and the first that focused on flash fiction. I love flash fiction as well, so you can see why the book particularly appealed to me.

It wasn’t perfect, and as with most story collections, if I read too many stories in a row, I stopped seeing individual beauty. It’s tempting to just read all 80-something pages in one go, and easy to do, but for me, it was better to read a small few, then set it aside, and pick the book up again later. To savor them.

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