Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, are Dead by Tom Stoppard

r and gHard to know what to say about this one. I saw the play about 18 months before I read it. I quite enjoyed the performance, though I felt a little lost every time they switched into Shakespeare-speak, because Shakespeare’s language is always a bit confusing for me. I thought in reading the play, it might be a little easier to understand, but those parts confused me just as much in print. Plus, without the actual movement of the play, by actual players, the print version fell flat for me. It just wasn’t as good as the performed version. I’m not a huge fan of absurdist unless/until something clicks for me and puts the work into perspective, like it did during Waiting for Godot. This reminded me a lot of Waiting for Godot, except with no ah-ha moment (for me). I was left slightly dumbfounded by the end. Perhaps it would have made more sense to me if I could remember Hamlet at all, which I haven’t read since my early teen years and didn’t get much out of at the time. I think, though, that this is just a play I prefer to watch than read.

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