She Loves You, She Loves You Not, by Julie Anne Peters

she loves youOh Julie Anne Peters, can I just say that I love you and wish I had your books back when I was a teen? Peters writes some of the best YA I’ve read, and hands-down the best GLBT YA I’ve read. This book joins the ranks of her amazing arsenal, though thankfully it didn’t rip my heart out and feed it to the meat grinder as some other books of hers did (*coughBetweenMom&Jocough*). Even without total heartbreak, the book still got me all riled up about parents who disown children because those children are gay. I know this sort of thing happens in the real world but GAH it just kills me to believe it. It feels like the sort of storyline that ought to belong in a b-grade horror plot and not in realistic fiction, but sadly, that is the reality too often. And that is the big reason I love Peters’ books: she’s not afraid to talk about the reality of all facets of the GLBT teen world. She’s flat-out amazing!

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