The Last Little Blue Envelope, by Maureen Johnson

little blueThis is the sequel to Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. What is it with series? Normally I avoid them whenever possible, but this summer I have been reading lots of sequels and third books, probably because I really enjoyed the opening books. I debated for a long time whether or not to read this one, because I really liked the first book and I didn’t know that I really needed to read anything more. I finally decided to check it out, though, because I kept hearing people say that one of the main characters, Keith, was a huge jerk in this book and they didn’t understand why his personality had changed so much. I thought that was odd, because I thought he was a major jerk in the first book! I couldn’t stand the guy. Then I read this one, and I thought he was so much kinder in it than in the first book. Odd… Anyway, it was definitely a fun read and I think I might have liked it even more than the first book. Predictable in many ways, but in a good way. I really enjoyed it.

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