Leaving the Saints, by Martha Beck (audio)

leavingsaintsThis book is Martha Beck’s memoir of her childhood and her struggle with faith as an adult. She recounts the sexual abuse she suffered from her father, who is a prominent figure in the LDS (Mormon) church, and how she’s been discredited and disowned because she spoke out about it. She also describes her spiritual quest in context of leaving the LDS church.

This was a very interesting book. I expected, from the reactions I’ve seen members of the LDS church have against Beck, for this book to be very negative towards the LDS faith. I expected it to reveal a bunch of secrets and to basically rip the faith to shreds. It didn’t do anything like that, and while it took a truthful look at history, it was always very respectful at the same time. The audio experience was fine – middle of the road. There were some things that annoyed me from the reader (Bernadette Dunn), but mostly it was unobtrusive.

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