The Original of Laura, by Vladimir Nabokov

the_original_of_lauraThis was an interesting book to read. Since it’s Nabokov’s last novel, very incomplete and written only in notes on index cards, it comes across as nothing more than fragments. I’ve been conflicted about reading this one since it came out, as I know Nabokov wanted it destroyed. However, I’m very interested in Nabokov’s writing and thought processes so this was fascinating to look over. The book is laid out with his index cards on the top of each page, and a printed “translation” of sorts on the bottom to make it easier to read. I honestly spent more time looking over the structure of the notes than reading for any actual story, which was probably a good thing because the second half of the notes become even more scattered and incoherent. They definitely don’t make up an actual plot, and I loved that. I loved all of the things Nabokov brought together to look at and eventually integrate. Possibly. The index cards are full of potential, rather than polished genius.

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