Proof by Seduction, by Courtney Milan

proof-finalThis is my first ever Harlequin romance novel, and honestly the only one I’ve ever wanted to read. A couple years back, I saw the query pitch for this book on an agent’s blog and loved it so much I decided to read the book one day, even if it’s completely out of my comfort zone. Funny thing is, I thought the book was very well done – except for the sex parts. Something about explicitly-described sex is a complete buzzkill for me. I prefer more indirect implication, gliding around the actual act, rather than “members” and “passages” and all the other traditional romance-sex language. Beyond that, it was actually an interesting story, almost a Pride & Prejudice-like setup, though there was some waffling of character at the end that got a bit tedious, as if the second half needed some more editing. I doubt I’ll read another Harlequin novel, but this one turned out to be better over all than I expected, which was nice. Thanks to Tasha for sending me a copy!!


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