Readathon: Ghost Cat, by Beverly Butler

ghostcatAnnabel is spending the summer with her great-aunt and -uncle and a bunch of cousins she’s never met. She would rather be at home with her mother, and feels very out of place on the lonely Wisconsin farm. But soon she hears the crying of a cat and sets off after it, and a mystery begins to unravel.

This was a childhood favorite of mine. I loved revisiting it for Readathon and RIP!! It’s the sort of book I read hundreds of times when I was a little girl. A couple years ago, I was reminiscing about it, and Jason went and found me a copy for Christmas! With the same cover I had as a kid and everything! I’ve now read it twice since that Christmas.

I have no idea if it’s really a “good” book. I’m too biased to be able to evaluate it that way. At least one of my sons has read it and liked it, though, so I guess the fact that it’s older (1984) doesn’t make it inaccessible now. It’s certainly dated in some respects, and you’d expect a children’s book to be, but even so, I still get a small thrill of terror as Annabel discovers the ghost cat and the circumstances of its death. I love watching her get to know a family she never knew (both the ones she’s staying with, and the ancestors she’s never known about). And I especially loved the cozy little Wisconsin setting. It reminds me of my brief home there in the early 2000s.

Note: Originally read in ~1988-ish.


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