Suspect, by Kristin Wolden Nitz

suspectThe summer before Jen’s senior year, she goes to help out at her grandmother’s Bed & Breakfast in Missouri. Every summer, a mystery group comes together to put on a mystery weekend at the hotel, where everyone plays a role and tries to figure out the crime before the end of the game. This summer, the mystery goes even deeper, because Jen’s grandmother begins to suspect that Jen’s mother, who disappeared years ago, didn’t run away – that she was perhaps murdered instead.

This was a fun little mystery to read, a quick afternoon getaway. I’ve always thought it would be fun to participate in a dinner theatre sort of production, though I’m a terrible actress and especially bad when it comes to impromptu thinking. The whole idea fascinates me, though, which made Suspect a lot of fun to read. I loved the characters and all of Jen’s family. It was a good setup. My only complaint was that the book wasn’t long enough. Everything happened without as much character or relationship development as I wanted. The wrap-up was too quick, and the book was over long before I wanted it to be. But that’s really just a small complaint. I did enjoy Suspect. It was a fun book that made for a blast of an afternoon reading, and I had no problems with the writing itself. I just wanted more. That’s all.

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